Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wild Woman Wednesday!

“Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional." ~~ Author Unknown

As we get older we become entrenched in the “dailies” of life – the job, the bills, the day-to-day responsibilities of being a grown-up. The spontaneous delights of childhood get lost in the layers of “grup stuff” (grup = short for grown up). We forget the pure joy of an endless summer day, the excitement of an ice cream cone, the delight of Saturday mornings when you don’t have school!!!

Well, today is exercise your little girl wildwomanness! Since here on the east coast we’re still soggy with rain, go out and feel the rain on your face! Take off your shoes and walk in the wet grass. Smell the air – the fragrance of the raindrops is sweeter than any perfume. I dare you to go splash in a puddle!!! Even better still, grab the kids and go play in the rain together – it will be a memory they’ll never forget.

If you have a sunny day, go out and lie down in the grass and let the sun warm your body. Take off your shoes and feel the grass or sand between your toes. Go get an ice cream cone and savor each delicious mouthful as it drips down your fingers. Go to the local park and go swing on the swing set.

If your first inclination is to say “I can’t do that!” ask yourself WHY NOT? Grab a moment to reconnect with the joy of being young and free and innocent. Take the risk – it’s a few minutes in your life – grab it and as artist/poet SARK says, “LIVE JUICY!” Lose the inner grup and let that little girl giggle rise up until it tickles it’s way into your soul!


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