Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Think About It Tuesday

I have long been an activist AGAINST sucralose, the artificial sweetener known on the marketplace as Splenda. This is not to be confused with sucrose, the proper name for sugar. Years ago I began using it, thinking it was the be-all, end-all answer to having my sweet tooth satisfied without the consequences of gaining weight. What I discovered was that sucralose caused a chemical depression for me which was only alleviated by eliminating it from my system and diet. I also found that sucralose is in TONS of products, even some instant so-called healthy oatmeals! After personal research I found that Splenda/sucralose is made by combining sugar with CHLORINE!

Today I came across a wonderful article written by Sugar-Free Mom at her website entitled “3 Splenda Myths Busted”, which also incorporates a variety of links to her research on Splenda/sucralose. May I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AND ENCOURAGE YOU TO READ THIS!!! This artificial sweetener has many, many negative side effects. There are many alternative options for sweeteners out there, which Sugar-Free Mom recommends. For me, the best rule of thumb is to eat as naturally and fresh as you can get your hands on, choosing the least processed foods whenever possible!

Here is the link to the article (and a great website as well):

Exercise your “choose wisely” muscle today, and think about eliminating Splenda/sucralose from your system today.


Coach Linda

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  1. Thanks, Linda -- I know you've been saying this for years. Hope this makes more folks aware of the dangers here with Splenda.

    I loved the article and Sugar Free Mom makes it quite clear: Moderation is key. As she states, "No product, even natural honey, is good for you if you are consuming it in abundance. Sugar is still sugar, natural or not, even coming from a fruit. Overeating on even healthy foods is going to cause weight gain."

    I think this is something we don't often even realize.

    Good, good stuff!