Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

Are you lactose intolerant? Trying to get away from using dairy or cow’s milk? Do you think milk doesn’t do a body good? Just curious on how to navigate through the options? Today I’m sharing some information I found on several websites related to the various milk alternatives out there. One interesting note is that fortified milk alternatives by and large provide about 30% of your daily calcium and up to 45% of your daily vitamin D needs!

If you are a regular milk-drinker, you might want to get out of your routine and taste a few of these different selections. I’m not including lactose-free milk or goat/sheep/other ruminant milks here – just the alternatives.

Exercise your “new taste” muscles today and give one or more of these a try!


Coach Linda

SOY MILK - Made from filtered water, soybeans, and evaporated cane juice, an 8-oz. serving of original sweetened soy milk contains 100 calories, 4 g fat, 8 g carbs, 6 g sugar and 7 g protein. Flavors include plain, vanilla, and chocolate. Opting for USDA organic soymilk─such as that offered by Organic Valley─will protect you from GMO’s, pesticides, etc. Soy milk is the most widely available dairy-free alternative. Good in smoothies or for use in baking.

ALMOND MILK - This alternative, which is the most common among nut milks, consists of filtered water, almonds, and evaporated cane juice. An 8-oz. serving of original almond milk contains 60 calories, 2.5 g fat, 8 g carbs, 7 g sugar and 1 g protein. Blue Diamond has largely perfected the art of almond milk with their best-selling Almond Breeze, available in original, vanilla, unsweetened, and chocolate flavors. It’s very useful for baking. But remember, this (along with soy milk) are common allergens in and of themselves.

RICE MILK - Rice milk─made from filtered water, brown rice and safflower oil─is tasty and refreshing, though high in carbs and sugar, and rather thin in texture. A serving will typically contain about 23 g carbs, 10 g sugar, 2.5 g fat, and 1 g protein. Rice Dream is a high-quality brand, with original, vanilla, unsweetened, and chocolate flavors.

HEMP MILK - While it’s made from the seeds of the edible part of the cannabis plant, hemp milk does not contain THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana. Available in original, vanilla, and chocolate flavors, hemp milk has about 100 calories per serving, along with 9 g carbs, 6 g sugar, 5 g fat, and 2 g protein. See if the herby-nutty flavor appeals to you. Creamy, good for smoothies and cereal.

COCONUT MILK - Calling all coconut lovers! New Blue Diamond Breeze Almond milk Coconut milk Blend has 50% more calcium than cow’s milk, along with 7 g carbs, 3 g fat, 6 g sugar and 1 g protein. Available in original, vanilla, and unsweetened flavors.

As you can see, options abound. Many families stock an array, including soy, almond, and hemp milk, as kids and adults may have different preferences. With all these great choices, you can easily leave cow’s milk behind for good─and never miss the mustache!

OAT MILK - Oat milk has a moderate amount of protein, but might not be a good choice for anyone with celiac disease and may have sensitivity to avenin protein found in oats.




Monday, July 30, 2012

Manage It Monday

I have several clients and friends/family members who suffer from Fibromyalgia, a chronic disease that causes pain and swelling in more than a dozen points all over the body and affects millions of people. And from what I’ve read, it is most common among women aged 20-50, with an array of mild to severe symptoms that can be debilitating.

Prevention Magazine online today has an article on how managing your diet with certain foods may provide some pain relief. I’m no doctor, but I do always like to look for natural remedies before taking prescribed medicines – NOT that I’m against prescription drugs, but I do prefer to try other alternatives first whenever possible. I’ve posted it below, along with the website link.

Additionally, here are several websites where you can read more about Fibromyalgia, its causes, symptoms and treatments.

U.S. National Library of Medicine: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0001463/

The Mayo Clinic: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/fibromyalgia/DS00079/

National Fibromyalgia Association: http://www.fibromyalgiahcp.org/

National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association: http://www.fmcpaware.org/

Wikipedia (scroll to bottom for links to many resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibromyalgia

WebMD (slideshow of Fibro-friendly exercises) (CHECK WITH DOCTOR BEFORE UNDERTAKING ANY FORM OF EXERCISE!!!!) http://www.webmd.com/fibromyalgia/ss/slideshow-fibromyalgia-friendly-exercises

If you Google Fibromyalgia and exercise you will also come up with many demonstrations on YouTube. Once you clear it with your doctor, you might want to consider beginning with some simple, basic stretching exercises.

I hope and pray that you may find some information today that will ease your struggle (or help someone you love with their struggle) against this terrible disease.


Coach Linda

5 Ways To Control Fibromyalgia With Diet

New research shows that picking these foods may ease pain

Eat for Pain Relief
Fibromyalgia, a chronic disease that causes pain and swelling in more than a dozen points all over the body, affects as many as 5 million people. Because doctors are still unsure of the cause of fibromyalgia, treatment can be frustrating (and often a process of trial and error). “Fibromyalgia symptoms are only about 30% amenable to current pharmaceutical strategies on the market,” says Kathleen Holton, PhD, MPH, lead author of Potential Dietary Links in Central Sensitization in Fibromyalgia. That’s why many patients are taking matters into their own hands and experimenting with alternative treatments, including dietary changes. Forty-two percent of fibro patients reported that symptoms worsened after eating certain foods, and though much of the research is in its preliminary phases, there’s some evidence that simple diet tweaks may ease fibro pain. Read on to get five food rules for fibromyalgia patients. Just be sure to consult your doctor before drastically changing your diet.

1. Load Up On Vitamin D
Many adults are deficient in vitamin D to begin with, but this sunshine vitamin can be vital to fibro patients. "Vitamin D deficiency can mimic some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. All patients should be screened for deficiency," says Holton. Studies show that vitamin D deficiencies can cause bone and muscle pain, and upping levels of this hard-to-get vitamin may help. A 2008 study found that pain patients with low levels of vitamin D required almost double the dose of painkillers as those with adequate levels. Holton recommends taking a supplement, especially during the wintertime.

2. Avoid Additives
Common food additives, like monosodium glutamate (MSG) and aspartame, can act as excitotoxin molecules, a chemical group that has the ability to activate neurons that increase sensitivity to pain. Anecdotally, easing off these additives can help, and one very small study of four patients found that eliminating MSG and aspartame resulted in a reduction of fibromyalgia symptoms. The research is far from definitive, but it may be worth trying if you notice your symptoms worsen after Chinese takeout or too many diet drinks.

3. Say Yes To Fish
Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fatty fish, like salmon, walnuts, and flaxseed, are known to reduce inflammation and help prevent cardiovascular diseases. However, their soreness-reducing traits may also help pain patients. A 2007 study found that after just 3 months of supplementing omega-3 fatty acids, symptoms such as morning stiffness and painful, tender joints decreased. Though this study did not include fibromyalgia patients (it included rheumatoid arthritis (RA), irritable bowel syndrome (IBD), and dysmenorrheal patients), the results show promise. Fibro patients often have co-morbidities such as IBD and RA, so omega-3s may benefit them as well. Try adding salmon or walnuts to your diet, or, if you don’t like those foods, try adding flaxseeds to your cereal or oatmeal.

4. Nix the Caffeine
Because sleeplessness is commonly associated with fibro, it may be tempting to fuel up on coffee to get through the day. This, however, may be a mistake. "Some patients use caffeine to compensate for not sleeping well, which can lead to a circular problem where the ‘solution’ of taking caffeine to stay awake is actually causing the problem of not sleeping at night," says Holton. Caffeine can set you up for a crash and, if sipped later in the day, may disrupt sleep schedules. Holton recommends antioxidant-packed decaffeinated green tea as a healthier alternative.

5. Veg Out
Some researchers speculate that oxidative stress may be a cause of fibro symptoms. Oxidative stress occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough antioxidants to battle cell-damaging free radicals in the body. Most fruits and veggies are packed with important antioxidants, like vitamins A, C, and E, which fight free radicals to keep your body normalized. Certain studies also show a raw, vegan diet can improve symptoms, but that’s difficult for most people to follow. If you do choose to eat meat, though, opt for a small portion of grass-fed beef. "It is an excellent source of iron and vitamin B12, both nutrients which are extremely important in keeping your pain-processing nervous system healthy," says Holton.

SOURCE: http://www.prevention.com/health/health-concerns/5-ways-control-fibromyalgia-diet

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Financial Friday

Financial Friday

The other day I read a very good tip from the website Sound Mind Investing by Matt Bell on making fixed payments to your credit card in order to $ave money.  It explains how credit card companies use declining minimum payments to keep you enslaved to your balance.  Pretty $neaky!  Today I would like to encourage you to use your good CENTS muscles as you read this, and then go adjust your budget accordingly! 

Another little trick is this – I want you to get yourself a big ol’ glass or plastic jar – an old spaghetti sauce jar or mayo jar will do the trick nicely.  That’s right, don’t spend a penny on some fancy cutesy piggy bank, just recycle what you already have.  We’re going to go green to save green!  Now, every single night before you go to bed, get into the habit of empting your pockets and/or purse or wherever you keep your change.  Dump it all in to the jar, every last penny, nickel, quarter and dime.  This is an ages-old thrifty habit, but it works just as well today as it did years ago. You truly will be surprised how quickly that change adds up – many banks today even have a little change center where you can dump in your jar savings, the machine count it up for you, and you can take the receipt to the teller.  However, instead of “cashing out” your money, put it back into your checking or savings, or into a CD, or buy a stock… something where you are saving it.  This could go into your emergency savings fund.  Or make an extra payment on an owed bill.  The point is, you’re saving and making headway to being financial free.  One step forward…

And remember to try and use only paper and change money this weekend instead of credit cards or debit cards – another little way that you can ca$h in on $avings and keep from over$pending! 

Have a happy and healthy weekend filled with friends, family, love and laughter!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tinsle Me Thursday

Today is Thursday, July 26th, and Christmas is now officially less than six months away (152 days, to be exact).  Stop, stop, I know!!!!  Don’t throw your coffee mug at the screen!  But I’m telling you, now is the time to begin thinking about it.  Retailers are!  I’ve already seen Halloween decorations on the shelves of some crafting stores.  Yep, yep, yep… whether we like it or not, time is marching on and before you know it…

This year, instead of pulling out your hair and running frantically through the stores the day after Thanksgiving trying to grab all the sale items so you can say you saved tons of money and time planning out your gifts, why not start now?  You have five solid months before December 1st, and wouldn’t it be amazing to begin December having already done everything you need to prepare for the holidays?  Imagine having time to leisurely bake, or watch a Christmas movie (did I mention I’m a Christmas movie-a-holic?)!  Having your home clean, organized and ready for whoever might pop in unexpectedly!  Having your checking account healthy and strong (and under budget) because you’ve financed your gift-giving purchases over five months as you made smart (and unhurried/unpanicked) selections for thoughtful gifts!

Over at http://www.organizedchristmas.com/ is a great plan called “Houseworks Holiday Plan 2012”, created by Cynthia Ewer, editor and author of the book HouseWorks.  Based on her book, she has put together a plan that begins in September and helps you learn to STOP clutter, clean and organize each room of your house while tackling a few holiday preparations each week.  The whole goal is for you to have a happy, peaceful and uncluttered/uncrazy holiday season – and wouldn’t that be a lovely gift to give to yourself?

The site also offers something called the Rudolph Club, where on the 25th of each month you do something towards Christmas (for those of you who actually look forward to Christmas each year).  And for those of you who are just tired of disorganization and clutter and chaos (CHAOS – Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome), there is also the year-round website called http://www.organizedhome.com/, now serving back-to-school shopping tips.

Really… I’m not trying to rush the season, I promise.  All I’m asking you to do is take a long-range look to the holidays and start planning little by little now.  If you’re hanging out on the beach on vacation, grab some of those catalogs and start ticking off gifts that would be perfect.  Budget them out over the next few months.  Surf over to the websites that you’d like to shop at for the season, and leisurely work towards what could be your most restful and unstressed holiday season ever. 

And even if the Mayans were right, you'll still have 12 days to relax, eggnog in hand...

I’m not sayin’… I’m just sayin’…


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild Women Are Creative!

Back in January I posted a blog about vision boards (http://coachlindabush.blogspot.com/2012/01/wild-woman-wednesday_26.html). A vision board is a collage of things you want to do, be, create and achieve in your life. You can create a board for your overall life, for your career, relationship, your inner athlete – anything you want, it’s limitless!! In the blog I referenced/linked a great article from Athleta.net that inspired me:

You may be wondering why, six months later, I’m writing about this again. No I haven’t “gone dry” and am just using an old post! Since that time I have had the opportunity to chat about vision boards to a number of women I know, and almost every single one had the same response: “Oh, I’ve been thinking about doing one of those for over a year now!” Hmmm…. Cowinky-dink? I think not!

Being a life coach (and lifetime craft junkie) I love the whole concept of taking pictures and colors and ideas and goals/dreams/passions and combining them into something visual in a whirling beautiful and powerful display of all that can be! So I reached out to one of my best friends, Judy (yet another woman who had the same reaction), and we have decided to co-host an evening workshop on creating vision boards, inviting some fabulous wild woman friends to join us. I can’t wait! What better way to explore and dream and brainstorm than sharing the energy, creativity and enthusiasm with some of the most fabulous women I know?!?!?

Don’t get me wrong – while there’s nothing wrong with women getting together to party over plastic ware, jewelry and cooking/baking items, I am just completely jazzed to think that we are hosting an event that will bring women together to engage in an evening where they can discover more about themselves, their dreams and visions, and then help one another put feet to those dreams in concrete, workable methods. It’s like a mini summer dream camp!

I will be sure to post more about this event in August. Who knows? Maybe we’ll take the show on the road and get all of you involved as well!

In fact, why wait? Why not host a vision board party of your own with some of your besties? Imagine the endless possibilities! If that isn’t an option, why not create a one-woman event for yourself? Grab magazines, photos, glue, and markers… whatever… and spend an evening on your own creating the visual steppingstone that will help you create an ongoing masterpiece called Your Life? Get those electric possibility muscles cranking, wild woman, and GO FOR IT!

Coach Linda

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Tips

Today’s blog gives you some tips on nutrition. I read the info recently on one of my favorite sites (Eat This, Not That) and thought I’d pass it along! The tips are simple, sensible and manageable for all of us. Exercise your nutrition muscles today and enjoy!




6. Never Skip Breakfast:

Yes, mornings are crazy. But they’re also our best hope at regaining our nutritional sanity. A 2005 study synthesized the results of 47 other studies that examined the impact of starting the day with a healthy breakfast. Here’s what they found:

People who skip breakfast are more likely to take up smoking or drinking, less likely to exercise, and more likely to follow fad diets or express concerns about body weight. Common reasons cited for skipping were lack of time, lack of hunger, or dieting.

Bad news. Sure, it would seem to make sense that skipping breakfast means eating fewer calories, which means weighing less. But it doesn’t work that way. Consider:

People who eat breakfast tend to have higher total calorie intakes throughout the day, but they also get significantly more fiber, calcium, and other micronutrients than skippers do. Breakfast eaters also tended to consume less soda and French fries and more fruits, vegetables, and milk.

Breakfast eaters were approximately 30 percent less likely to be overweight or obese. (Think about that—people who eat breakfast eat more food, but weigh less!)

5. Snack With Purpose:

There’s a big difference between mindless munching and strategic snacking. Snacking with purpose means reinforcing good habits, keeping your metabolic rate high, and filling the gaps between meals with the nutrients your child’s body craves.

Chew on this piece of trivia: In the 20 years leading up to the 21st century (1977 to 1996), salty snack portions increased by 93 calories, and soft drink portions increased by 49 calories.

Combat portion distortion by eating healthy snacks: Triscuits and peanut butter; string cheese; a sandwich bag filled with homemade popcorn; or that classic of kid’s snacktime nourishment, ants on a log.

4. Beware of Portion Distortion:

Snack portions aren’t the only things that have increased wildly in size. Since 1977, hamburgers have increased by 97 calories, French fries by 68 calories, and Mexican foods by 133 calories, according to analysis of the Nationwide Food Consumption Survey.

A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine looked at 63,380 individuals’ drinking habits over a span of 19 years. The results show that for children ages 2 to 18, portions of sweetened beverages increased from 13.1 ounces in 1977 to 18.9 ounces in 1996.

One easy way to short-circuit this growing trend? Buy smaller bowls and cups. A recent study at the Children’s Nutrition Research Center in Houston, Texas, shows that 5- and 6-year-old children will consume a third more calories when presented with a larger portion. The findings are based on a sample of 53 children who were served either 1- or 2-cup portions of macaroni and cheese.

3. Drink Responsibly:

Too many of us keep in mind the adage “watch what you eat,” and we forget another serious threat to our health: We don’t watch what we drink. In fact, according to research from the University of North Carolina, Americans now slurp up nearly 25 percent of their calories in liquid form—nearly double the rate we used to drink just 20 years ago. One study found that sweetened beverages constituted more than half (51 percent) of all beverages consumed by fourth- through sixth-grade students. The students who consumed the most sweetened beverages took in approximately 330 extra calories per day, and on average they ate less than half the amount of real fruit than did their peers who drank unsweetened or lightly sweetened beverages.

One important strategy is to keep cold, filtered water in a pitcher in the fridge. You might even want to keep some cut-up limes, oranges, or lemons nearby for kids to flavor their own water with. A UK study showed that in classrooms with limited access to water, only 29 percent of students met their daily needs; free access to water led to higher intake.

Another important strategy: Be extra careful about the juice you purchase. Too many “juices” are little more than sugar water masquerading as the real thing. Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry, for instance, has just 15 percent real fruit juice. The other 85 percent? High-fructose corn syrup and water. Make sure the juice you buy says “100 percent Fruit Juice” on the label, and try to choose one made from a single fruit, not a mix of high-sugar fruits like white grapes, which are commonly used in fruit juice blends.

2. Eat More Whole Foods and Fewer Science Experiments:

Here’s a rule of healthy eating that will serve you well when picking out foods for your family: The shorter the ingredients list, the healthier the food. (One of the worst foods we’ve ever found, the Baskin-Robbins Heath Shake, has 73 ingredients—and, by the way, a whopping 2,310 calories and more than 3 days’ worth of saturated fat! What happened to the idea that a milk shake was, um, milk and ice cream? Let’s be grateful that Baskin-Robbins finally pulled this monstrosity from their menus.) The FDA maintains a list of more than 3,000 ingredients that are considered safe to eat, but we’ve found reasons for concern for a number of the additives on that long list, and any one of them could wind up in your next box of mac ’n’ cheese.

According to USDA reports, most of the sodium in the American diet comes from packaged and processed foods. Naturally occurring salt accounts for only 12 percent of total intake, while 77 percent is added by food manufacturers.

1. Set the Table:

Children in families with more structured mealtimes exhibit healthier eating habits. Among middle- and high-school girls, those whose families ate together only once or twice per week were more than twice as likely to exhibit weight control issues, compared with those who ate together three or four times per week.

Of course, the notion of a 6 p.m. dinnertime and then everyone into their pj’s is a quaint one, but it’s hardly realistic in a society where our kids have such highly scheduled social lives that the delineation between “parent” and “chauffeur” is sometimes difficult to parse. While we can’t always bring the family together like Ozzie Nelson’s (or, heck, even like Ozzy Osbourne’s), we can make some positive steps in that direction. One busy family I know keeps Sunday night dinner sacred—no social plans, no school projects, no extra work brought home from the office. Even keeping the family ritual just once a week gives parents the opportunity to point out what is and isn’t healthy at the dinner table.



Monday, July 23, 2012

Mission Monday

I am blessed to have an incredible Mom. She is my biggest cheerleader, best friend and supports me in every way possible. One of those ways is to help me out periodically with chores and, because she’s retired, shopping. For example, if I am looking for a particular item, Mom will zone in like a heat-seeking missile to find whatever it is I’m looking for! Its fun to seek her go “into action”, and when she’s fervently involved in the process I will lovingly call her “Mama Missione –I” (i.e. Mama on a mission – Mama Missy-own-a). Really, she’s gifted because most times she ALWAYS can find whatever item for which I’ve been hunting!

What does that have to do with Mission Monday? Glad you asked! What one thing are you seeking out of this week? What one goal do you need to go after like Mama Missione? How will you set time aside each day this week to accomplish that goal? How much money do you need for it, and how much can you set aside each day? Maybe you want to finish that degree – so this week look into colleges, see how much tuition for one class would be, and begin to set aside a few dollars towards your education fund. Maybe you want to lose weight this week. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, one pound is 3,500 calories, so each day you have to burn 500 calories more than you eat. How will you do that? What extra exercises will you do to burn about 300 calories more a day? What foods will you switch out/eliminate so that you will have about 200 calories intake less a day? Maybe you want to work on a relationship this week. What one thing could you do each day to actively make that happen? A phone call? Email? Setting up a date with that person this week to have a meal or just take a walk?

Missions or goals can be big magilla bahonkin’ goals like a few mentioned above or just simple daily things that can help you in your day-to-day life. Maybe your mission this week is finding more simplicity and peace in your life. That might mean planning an hour or two for you to read, write or take a walk. If you’re a single mom this can be difficult, so you might try to find someone who would be willing to give you an hour’s babysitting so you could go home and quietly listen to music, journal or take a bubble bath. If funds are tight, perhaps you could trade babysitting chores with another Mom so you both you accomplish your “peace this week” mission.

Whatever it is (and you already know because as you’ve been reading this it’s been popping into your thoughts and spirit), make it happen this week… do something towards your goal. Like my Mom, zone in on it and make it your mission. One step at a time.

Coach Linda

Financial Friday

It’s July 20th and we’re full swing into the second half of 2012. Today we’re going to exercise your money muscles and revisit your 2012 budget. Are you on target? Fallen off the budget bandwagon? Now’s the time to get back on track or start fresh if you’ve never done your budget before. Begin by looking at Dave Ramsey’s financial budgeting website on www.daveramsey.com. He offers a free tool that can give you a good idea of what you should be spending in various categories such as household, food, clothing, etc. It’s called Gazelle Budget Lite and did I mention it’s FREE? He also offers help in controlling your money at his website called www.mytotalmoneymakeover.com.

Whether you are debt free, up to your knees in debt, or over your head, you need to take a look at these sites. Stop being a slave to your debt!!

Then, I suggest you estimate what you need to spend over the weekend (not WANT to spend, but NEED to spend) and draw enough cash out of your checking account to meet those spending requirements, and give your charge and debit cards the weekend off. It’s amazing how using cold, hard cash versus plastic can keep you from overspending. A Dunn & Bradstreet study found that people spend 12-18% more when using credit cards than when using cash. And McDonald's found that the average transaction rose from $4.50 to $7 when customers used plastic instead of cash.

Financial freedom is within your reach, and it feels FANTASTIC and much better than any instant gratification purchase (and it lasts a lot longer, too). Start fresh today, and have a great weekend!


Coach Linda

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tedious to Tickled Thursday

I have had a v-e-r-y loooooong week so far. Nothing earth-shattering or heart-pounding (thank You, Lord), but a series of daily little nit-picky stressors that wear you down. It’s like you’re lying on the beach and a few grains of sand get flecked on you over and over until you feel buried alive! I’m sure you are reading this and nodding your head in empathy. Tedious …dreary and mind-numbing and tiresome… yep yep yep, that pretty much sums up the last few days.

Around lunchtime today I took a walk to grab some salad and just get out of my own way. The heat in NJ had broken at last, and I was welcomed as I walked out the door by a cool breeze and pale grey skies. I couldn’t help but pause to breathe slowly and allow the air to surround me. I could feel the tension in my body slowly escape as I exhaled – it was lovely.

Walking along, I came upon a beautiful patch of sunflowers, butter yellow and bright as can be. Once again I stopped to drink in their cheerfulness. Leaning in closer, I found a bee dancing over one particular flower and eventually resting upon its cushioned brown-button center. I wondered if he had also had a long week and laughed as I imagined him complaining like I’ve been doing (“Jeez, all week long it’s been pollinating, flying, landing, pollinating, flying… blah blah blah I’m sick of this!”). The photograph you see on today’s blog was a photo op moment for which he graciously posed!

He was a very obvious reminder to me that I need to BE in the moment and BE grateful for what I have and to BE gentle to myself and take care not to let life’s hamster wheel get to me. As the saying goes, I'm not a human DOing but a human BEing (although some might argue that point when I get into one of these slumps)! Most importantly, I need to remember that I BE BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE.

May I encourage you today to exercise your inner sleuth to reveal one little moment in your day that will take you from the tedious and tickle your spirit and help lift you up? You’ll BE glad you did!


Coach Linda

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild women are hot!! No, I know we're intelligent and beautiful and sexy... But here in NJ where right now it feels like 109 out there, we are downright furnace-blasting, dripping warm beyond measure!! So what's a gal to do to stay healthy, safe and cool in these kinds of temperatures?

Today exercise your nice as ice muscles by reading this article from the Mayo Clinic! Sit back, grab an iced water with lemon, and chill out as you do this easy-breezy exercise!

Coach Linda

Heat and exercise: Keeping cool in hot weather

Stay safe during hot-weather exercise by drinking enough fluids, wearing proper clothing and timing your workout to avoid extreme heat.

By Mayo Clinic staff

Whether you're running, playing a pickup game of basketball or going for a power walk, take care when the temperatures rise. If you exercise outdoors in hot weather, use these common-sense precautions to prevent heat-related illnesses.

How heat affects your body

Exercising in hot weather puts extra stress on your body. If you don't take care when exercising in the heat, you risk serious illness. Both the exercise itself and the air temperature increase your core body temperature. To help cool itself, your body sends more blood to circulate through your skin. This leaves less blood for your muscles, which in turn increases your heart rate. If the humidity also is high, your body faces added stress because sweat doesn't readily evaporate from your skin. That pushes your body temperature even higher.

Heat-related illness

Under normal conditions, your skin, blood vessels and perspiration level adjust to the heat. But these natural cooling systems may fail if you're exposed to high temperatures and humidity for too long, you sweat heavily and you don't drink enough fluids. The result may be a heat-related illness. Heat-related illnesses occur along a spectrum, starting out mild but worsening if left untreated. Heat illnesses include:

Heat cramps. Heat cramps are painful muscle contractions, mainly affecting the calves, quadriceps and abdominals. Affected muscles may feel firm to the touch. Your body temperature may be normal.
Heat exhaustion. With heat exhaustion, your body temperature rises as high as 104 F (40 C) and you may experience nausea, vomiting, headache, fainting, weakness and cold, clammy skin. If left untreated, this can lead to heatstroke.
Heatstroke. Heatstroke is a life-threatening emergency condition that occurs when your body temperature is greater than 104 F (40 C). Your skin may be hot, but your body may stop sweating to help cool itself. You may develop confusion and irritability. You need immediate medical attention to prevent brain damage, organ failure or even death.
Pay attention to warning signs

During hot-weather exercise, watch for signs and symptoms of heat-related illness. If you ignore these symptoms, your condition can worsen, resulting in a medical emergency. Signs and symptoms include:

Muscle cramps
Nausea or vomiting
If you develop any of these symptoms, you must lower your body temperature and get hydrated. Stop exercising immediately and get out of the heat. If possible, have someone stay with you who can help monitor your condition. Remove extra clothing or sports equipment. Drink fluids — water or a sports drink. If possible, fan your body or wet down your body with cool water. If you don't feel better within 30 minutes, contact your doctor. If you have signs of heatstroke, seek immediate medical help.

Once you've had heatstroke, you're at a higher risk of getting a heat illness again. Get cleared by your doctor before you return to exercise if you've had heatstroke.

How to avoid heat-related illnesses

When you exercise in hot weather, keep these precautions in mind:

Watch the temperature. Pay attention to weather forecasts and heat alerts. Know what the temperature is expected to be for the duration of your planned outdoor activity.
Get acclimated. If you're used to exercising indoors or in cooler weather, take it easy at first when you exercise in the heat. As your body adapts to the heat over the course of one to two weeks, gradually increase the length and intensity of your workouts.
Know your fitness level. If you're unfit or new to exercise, be extra cautious when working out in the heat. Your body may have a lower tolerance to the heat. Reduce your exercise intensity and take frequent breaks.
Drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration is a key factor in heat illness. Help your body sweat and cool down by staying well hydrated with water. Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink. If you plan to exercise intensely or for longer than one hour, consider a sports drink instead of water. Sports drinks can replace the sodium, chloride and potassium you lose through sweating. Avoid alcoholic drinks because they can actually promote fluid loss.
Dress appropriately. Lightweight, loosefitting clothing helps sweat evaporate and keeps you cooler. Avoid dark colors, which can absorb heat. If possible, wear a light-colored, wide-brimmed hat.
Avoid midday sun. Exercise in the morning or evening, when it's likely to be cooler outdoors. If possible, exercise in shady areas — or do a water workout in a pool.
Wear sunscreen. A sunburn decreases your body's ability to cool itself.
Have a backup plan. If you're concerned about the heat or humidity, stay indoors. Work out at the gym, walk laps inside the mall or climb stairs inside an air-conditioned building.
Understand your medical risks. Certain medical conditions or medications can increase your risk of a heat-related illness. If you plan to exercise in the heat, talk to your doctor about precautions.
Heat-related illnesses are largely preventable. By taking some basic precautions, your exercise routine doesn't have to be sidelined when the heat is on.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Training Tuesday

Time to tackle your tendency to procrastinate putting your rear in gear and work out!!! No more excuses - choose from the following workout options below for at least 15-30 minutes of full on training.

Tonight you can go to bed feeling exhausted and satisfied, or tomorrow you can wake up with regret and not one step closer to your physical best.

Choose health and longevity -- c'mon, you can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Manic to Motivated Monday

Another manic Monday? Weary wilted week ahead? Stuck in a rut? I've always liked beginning something new on a Monday! It feels fresh and new and I get a sense of being motivated and energized.

In my reading today I came across a good article from the website www.wisebread.com on change that was do-able without being overwhelming.


Are you good at making lists but would like to change out the humdrum standard linear thinking to do list? How about brainstorming by using a mind map? It's a fun visual way to dump your thoughts on paper and could jump start your brain.

Here's a link to ten free online mind mapping links:


I don't endorse any one particular program but it's worth a look-see exploration! I like mind mapping by hand using colored pens or markers.

So... Exercise your change it up muscles and start your week off with something new!

Coach Linda

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fleeting Friday

Life is short. We've heard this phrase a hundred times or more. We smile, nod our heads and move on to the next task at hand... and forget. We don't mean to takes the days for granted, but we're so busy and the next thing you know, a day, week, month or more have slipped away - gone forever.

Make the most of today's moments. Are you at odds with someone? Mend the relationship, or at least take a minute today to offer an olive branch of peace. Holding back on saying "I love you" or "I'm sorry"? Yes? No? No more? Do it while you can... Don't allow fear or pride or history imprison you from what could be fantastic. Take a step towards accomplishing that goal or dream.

We only have today. Take the chance to make it magnificent.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Take a Hike Thursday

As a follow-up to yesterday’s blog, today I’m here to tell you to go take a hike!

No, no!!! Don’t get mad and walk away!!! Seriously – get thee to the park or woods and walk!! I find there is nothing in life that a good walk in the woods, in nature, by a lake or stream, won’t at least help a bit. Maybe it’s not the end-all, be-all cure to the troubles of life, but it certainly helps give a momentary breather.

The National Park Service offers a website where you can find a park by state or simply by plugging in your zip code. Here it is: http://www.nps.gov/findapark/index.htm

You can also go to your city/township website to find areas to walk. The great thing is... access to most parks is either free or inexpensive. Do it alone, with friends, take the family… talk about quality time! Unplug your headset and listen to the birds. Look around you and notice the colors. Breathe deep and smell the earth and trees and flowers. Take time to just BE. Like the old saying goes, we aren’t human doings, we’re human beings… not that you would know this from looking around at the hamster wheels we can life!

Even if you just get out at lunch or after work and take a few minutes to walk down your street… make the time. It will clear your head and brighten your spirit – and based on yesterday’s blog, it will also add years to your life (and life to your years).

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wild Woman Wednesday!!

What better time to begin again after a much-needed hiatus than on Wild Woman Wednesday? Hello and welcome back to the refreshed, renewed and ready to rock ‘n roll return of Coach Linda Bush’s blog!!!

Wild women rarely get to sit leisurely for any length of time, but their out-of-the-home careers often require being a regular “desk jockey”, sitting for hours behind a desk and in front of the computer screen. Add to that the sitting we do throughout any given day, along with watching TV, and it adds up.

That’s why today I wanted to provide you with information on a study recently that shows that sitting for long periods of time can harm our health (and widen our booties)!!!

You can find the study here on the Smartplanet website:


I recommend reading it standing up!

Along with this article, I thought a great counterpart would be this article by Prevention Magazine on “Award-Winning Butt Moves” – if you’re gonna get off of it, you may as well move it and groove it as well!


Thanks again for tuning back in. Be sure to share the website with others, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Coach Linda