Monday, July 16, 2012

Manic to Motivated Monday

Another manic Monday? Weary wilted week ahead? Stuck in a rut? I've always liked beginning something new on a Monday! It feels fresh and new and I get a sense of being motivated and energized.

In my reading today I came across a good article from the website on change that was do-able without being overwhelming.

Are you good at making lists but would like to change out the humdrum standard linear thinking to do list? How about brainstorming by using a mind map? It's a fun visual way to dump your thoughts on paper and could jump start your brain.

Here's a link to ten free online mind mapping links:

I don't endorse any one particular program but it's worth a look-see exploration! I like mind mapping by hand using colored pens or markers.

So... Exercise your change it up muscles and start your week off with something new!

Coach Linda

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