Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild Women Need Breakfast!

Most wild women I know have precious few extra minutes at the start of their day.  The old 1950’s family breakfast where everyone has a full-blown meal sitting at the table and chatting about their upcoming day, is at best rare or just a memory!  On a good day if you’re taking the kids to school you toss them a granola bar and juice box in the car and have minimal conversation there.  I love and applaud anyone who is able to find time to gather the family together for a peaceful morning meal.  Heck, I applaud any person who can sit down for ten minutes and enjoy a leisurely breakfast before going off to work!!! 

So what is a hungry wild woman to do?

Glad you asked!  Thanks to a wonderful website from which I gleaned/adapted these two recipes ( you can tote your breakfast with you AND save money.  Gotta love that combo, yes?  I think making your own oatmeal packets is a great idea – simply, fast, economical and you can control your ingredients.  Have you read the side of your nutrition label on some of the instant oatmeal packets lately?  Artificial flavorings, coloring, LOADS of sugar, and the dreaded sucralose (aka Splenda, which should in my humble opinion be banned and NEVER NEVER NEVER used).  Yep, yep, yep… so much for oatmeal being healthy.  

Here is the recipe.  Just make up a big batch on the weekend.  Take a bunch of bags and take them to the office, toss a few in the car – they will last for three months.  Add an apple or orange and you’ve got your healthy breakfast EZ-breezy.  Because it is truly important to fuel your body first thing in the morning.  You wouldn’t drive off with an empty gas tank, would you (well intentionally, anyway)?  

After you’re done making your instant oatmeal packets, take another few minutes to whip up several batches of these deeeelish homemade energy bites.  Again, EZ-breezy, no cooking involved, portable and pop-able into your mouth, perfect.  Just like the importance of having a good breakfast, I think you need to have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack to keep your blood sugar level even and energy high.  As I always state, I’M NOT A DOCTOR, it’s simply my opinion from experience as a person, certified trainer and student/lover of nutrition.  These little bad bites do the trick.  

So there you have it, wild woman, two ways to power up your day and fuel fabulous you in a simple, easily transportable/manageable and inexpensive way.  



Coach Linda Bush


Homemade Instant Oatmeal Packets

Add to each bag:
•1/2 cup oats
•1 Tablespoon raw sugar
•cinnamon, raisins, dried fruit, or other mix-ins
Store in an airtight container or freeze for up to three months.
To serve: Pour instant oatmeal packet into a bowl and add 3/4 cup water. Microwave on high for 1-2 minutes, until cooked. Stir and serve. You can also cook in a saucepan on the stove, if you prefer.

Homemade Energy Bites
2 cups oatmeal
1 cup organic peanut butter or other nut butter
2/3 cup honey (you could cut down on this – make sure there is enough to sweeten and hold the bites together)
2 cup coconut flakes, oatmeal, sesame seeds, or a mixture of all three (can also substitute protein powder, if you prefer)
1 cup ground flaxseed
1 cup carob chips or raisins or chopped up dates
2 teaspoons vanilla

Mix all ingredients together. Roll into balls.

To freeze: Place balls on a cookie sheet and freeze for one to two hours. Remove from cookie sheet and place in an airtight zip top freezer bag (or other airtight container).

To serve: Remove desired number of balls and thaw at room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes. Can also warm for 30 seconds or so in the microwave. Makes around 3 dozen energy bites.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Take Note Tuesday

And speaking of finances… 

Have you noticed a $9.84 charge on your debit or credit card recently?  CNN Money/Yahoo!Finance has posted an article alerting us that this relatively small, easily overlooked charge (if you don’t pay attention to your statements) might be part of a massive, worldwide scam.  As we seek to be financially fit in ’14, it’s critical that you carefully track all charges, debit card and cash transactions.  Let’s face it, how many times have you gotten an extra $20 when you went to the grocery store checkout line, and within a few days it was gone and you had NO IDEA where it was spent?  Do that once a week, and at the end of the year you will have basically tossed $1,040 out the proverbial window!  OUCH! 

I have a freebie pocket calendar that I now carry in my purse at all times, and I am striving to write down every penny I spend for this exact reason.  It’s also useful when I use my debit card for gas, etc. -- although, I am moving towards a cash-only system using the old envelope system.  That way, when you don’t have it, you don’t spend it.  And it is truly amazing how different it feels when you feel that paper money being pulled out of your hand as opposed to swiping plastic!

Additionally, just yesterday I came across a good frugal idea.  It’s called a $5 savings plan.  Every time you get a five dollar bill (well, hellooooo, Mr. Lincoln!), DON’T SPEND IT!  Put it in a special jar and don’t touch it.  Do that for the next three months, just until April 1st.  Not only will you be surprised at how much wealth you have accumulated you will feel like an April fool that you didn’t do it sooner!

Here’s the link to the article from CNN Money.  Please read it carefully, then go check your statements!!!


Coach Linda

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Make It Monday

Hi readers!  Have you missed me?  I have been combating the continuous fight again the dreaded 2013/14 cold that is going around like wildfire.  Ugh!  It has been the nastiest, long-term cold I can remember ever having, and drags on two-three weeks.  It drains and depletes and leaves you feeling, as my Grandma would say, “like a rung-out wet dishrag!”  My apologies for being absent from the blogging scene.  But thankfully, I’m back!!!!!!!

This is my year of prudence, economy and parsimony.  Yeah, I looked that third one up – it’s a fancy way of saying penny-pinching or tight-fisted!  The mantra to which I will hold fast and live by until December 31st is “FRUGAL IN ’14!”  It fits right in with the life area of finance, and I plan on highlighting this theme throughout the year in features like “Frugal Friday” and today’s “Make It Monday”.  I hope to discover and share with you (and use personally) many ideas, tips and tricks on how to $ave money and make use of what you have, or make things that will save you money.  With the economy being what it, it’s time to be mean and lean – fit financially - makes Cents doesn’t it???

So here’s my first installment – something as simple as Epsom salts!  Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate, a common pharmaceutical preparation of magnesium.  For more info click HERE.  Anyway, this carton of salts (which can be found in most drug stores, markets and yes, even the dollar stores, has some wonderful uses from bath/body to cleaning and gardening!  I’d like to direct you to two sites that I found that listed some wonderful uses:

1. Wellness Mama:  Surf over to this link (click HERE) for 21 uses for Epsom salts.

   2.  Dear Crissy:  (click HERE) for some additional ideas

One note about taking an Epsom salts bath (when you’re using it for a detox) – read these directions from the Natural News website very carefully:

Contraindications to Epsom baths would be if you are pregnant, dehydrated or have open wounds or burns on your skin. Individuals who are suffering with cardiovascular disease should always consult with a natural health physician who is familiar with the health benefits of Epsom salt baths before starting.

How to take an Epsom salt bath:

The first step is to schedule yourself at least 40 minutes, as you need about 20 minutes to remove the toxins, and for the second 20 minutes, the body absorbs the minerals in the bath water.  Fill up your bath with warm water. Add in the Epsom salts in the following amounts and then soak!

  • ·        Children under 60 lbs: Add 1/2 cup of salts to a standard size bath
  • ·        Individuals between 60-100 lbs: Add 1 cup of salts to a standard size bath
  • ·        Individuals between 100-150 lbs: Add 1 1/2 cup of salts to a standard size bath
  • ·        Individuals between 150-200 lbs: Add 2 cups of salts to a standard size bath
  • ·        For every 50lbs larger - add in an additional 1/2 cup of salts.

I hope today’s posting will help you make lots of products that will save you money -- from the bath to the kitchen to the yard!! 

Monday Miser Tip – as I’ve written about before, start emptying your pockets, wallet, and bottom of your purse for loose change.  Put that change in a big jar and SAVE IT!  You will be amazed how much money you can accumulate through something as easy and pain-free as this little financially healthy habit!



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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild Women Work It!

This is a short but jam-packed power punch of a workout link post today!!!  I found a terrific site that has tons of tables/charts chock-full of exercise examples.  I'm tell you there is something for everyone -- if you can't find some exercise that will help you then you just aren't trying hard enough!

So (drumroll, please).... I give to you this workout lollapalozza link from Peggy Wang over at BuzzFeed:

Enjoy and have a wild time discovering some great new ways to get that body in gear - Fabulous in '14!!!!!


Coach Linda Bush

Tiss' Me Tuesday

Ahhh... ahhhh.. ahhhchoooo!!!!   BLESS YOU!
Otay.  Id's Tuesday, and I hab a very bad headcold.  Sniffle.  Ah-choo!  Ugh.... where are my tissues?!?!?!?

Yep, I have caught my very first nasty headcold in quite awhile, and it's amazing how YUCKY it can make you feel!  All I can say is God bless the makers of Puffs tissues - I am forever in their debt.

So what in the heck causes a cold anyway, tells us that it's a viral infection of your upper respiratory tract, and is usually harmless.  Well, yeah, but it sure can knock you for a loop, to say nothing of how the constant sneezy, watery eyes and runny nose can do a gal wonders on that first date!  

The friendly Mayo Docs recommend lots of water and other fluids, gargling with salt water, and yes... good old chicken soup.  It has anti-inflammatory properties, speeds up movement of mucus (ewwwww) and who doesn't feel comforted eating warm bowl of soup when you're feeling like a truck ran over you while you slept?  Ahhh.... that, along with a hot cup of tea with honey and lemon, and I just snuggle down with my warm cuddly blanket and am ready to heal with a good night's sleep.

Now, I'm one of those folks who can't take any basic over-the-counter products, so for me (and I'm no doctor, I'm just saying what works for me), I turn to alternative methods.  I take eucalyptus oil and mix it with sweet almond oil as a carrier oil, and rub it on my chest and throat before I go to bed at night.  Then, and this is a wild one but it works for me -- I take a tissue and put about 10 drops of red thyme essential oil on it, lay it on the sole of my bare foot, do the same for the other foot, then put on a pair of socks over the tissues so the oils are next to the sole of the foot all night.  It is supposed to help bronchial issues, and has helped me and some of my friends over the years.  I also use a humidifier in my room.

Sometimes, if it's a fairly minor cold, I will go to the gym, sweat it out with a hard workout of Pilates Reformer, then go for a steam in the sauna and steam room to release all the gunk in my body.  Needless to say, I also do lots and lots of water.

This is the way I'm combating this knock-your-socks-off mega-cold that has invaded my little system.  What do you do?  I'd love to hear your remedies!  To your health!


Coach Linda Bush


Monday, January 13, 2014

Must Read Monday

I am currently going through a classic book of meditations for a month from the Bible book of John (fourth gospel in the New Testament) by author Andrew Murray.  This devotional is based on Christ’s Parable of the Vine and the Branches in John chapter 15.  In fact, several of my friends and I are going through this spiritual exercise together and then getting together once a week to discuss what we have learned, what questions it brings up, etc.

Thanks to Christian Classics Ethereal Library it is available in many formats, from a book or app you can purchase, to a free download or you can read it online.  I’m going for the “Frugal ‘14” this year (i.e., save as much as I can in 2014), so instead of simply downloading a hard copy (which costs paper and ink), or purchasing the book or Kindle book, or the app, I went to the CCEL website and chose the Read It Online version.  Then, I just saved that web link to my iPhone home screen, so now I can read it just like an app or ebook via my Kindle. 

Andrew Murray (1828-1917) is one of my favorite authors, and I want to take this time to introduce you to his books.  The spiritual insights in all his writings are both comforting and challenging.  The meditations are only about a page each, but are rich and really make you think.  It’s a wonderful way to start off each day.Take a moment to visit CCEL at, where you can research, study, read and meditate!

Link to all options to read this book:

The link to the free read it online option is:

I hope you enjoy – exercise your spiritual muscles today (opening your heart, engaging your brain) and may I encourage you to take time to read this book by Andrew Murray!


Friday, January 10, 2014

For-Real Friday

Now that you've spent a week looking at organizing options, let's get real.  We all come to the New Year's table with lots of goals and plans and fresh ideas.  Then reality hits and puts us in a tailspin within the first couple of weeks.  Nest thing you know, all those beautiful plans have melted away like snow on a spring morning (or if you're in NJ - like the snow drifts that accumulate on Tuesday with sub-zero temps and melt the next day when the weather jumps to 55 degrees!!!)  But I digress...

Today I'm sharing with you an article that I found very helpful  It's by and is called "How to Keep Your Resolutions and Reach Your Goals. (For Real This Time)." It's just a great little gem that can alleviate your major league "I've done it again" guilt syndrome related to those resolutions, give you a minute to breathe, regroup, and forge ahead unfettered and ready to go.  Gotta love that!  Here's the link:

By the way, I'm a subscriber of this website and have found some very valuable videos and webinars.  Check it out!!!

I hope it will help you -- enjoy, and have a safe, happy and blessed weekend.


Coach Linda Bush  

P.S.  And I just HAVE to share... I'm so excited that I'm on the road to my goals -- I'm trying to stay on track and consistently stick with my blog posts daily during the week.  So far (she breathes and does the happy dance at her keyboard), I've done it for 2014!  I'm relishing the moment - woot!  woot! for me!  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Today we will be looking at organizing yourself from a spiritual perspective.  All too often I feel like a bomb has gone off inside me and all the parts of my life are scattered and in complete disarray.  Instead of peace, it's just pieces.  Instead of calm, I find chaos.  Humpty Dumpty syndrome rules and I don't think anyone can put me back together again.  

For me, the best way to feel "put together" and peaceful is by spending a daily time in prayer and Bible study - a time just for me and God.  Marilyn Mehberg calls this time "Jesus, Tea and Me".  I try to spend the first moments of my day in the quietness and peace of the morning before I jump onto the hamster wheel of my life.  It centers me, gives me direction, balance and my marching orders.  Life is always better when I start it off with God.  Not always easier, but always better. Yes, I am most centered and myself when I take time to "be still and know that He is God."

Let me share with you today a video from Quiet Time Ministries founder, Catherine Martin.  She teaches about what it is, and some of the tools and methods that are helpful.  Here's the link:

My prayer is that you will consider beginning this spiritual "discipline", if you will, of giving God the first moments of your day.  It's the best foundation for a life worth living.


Coach Linda

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wild Woman Wednesday

Welcome to our very first Wild Woman Wednesday of 2014!  So far this week we've been investigating ways to get organized this year.  We've looked at journaling, then at general household organizing tips. Today we tackle the big ticket items in 2014 - eating more healthfully, exercising and creating a budget.  A real tripleooza of topics!  I actually found a great article over at Better Homes and Gardens by Jen Jones encompassing all three, so here is the link:

As we review all of these tips this week, I do want you to remember one key phrase:  BABY STEPS!  80% of all resolutions go down the drain, often because we decide we need to do them all NOW and see IMMEDIATE RESULTS.  Not true.  Begin in one little area... just take a deep breath, set your time for 15 minutes, and start.  That's it... just start.  But do it consistently day after day.

For example, today is Wednesday.  How about you walk for 15 minutes, add two veggies to your meal today and eliminate one carb, and try not to spend any unplanned money for the whole day!  Just for today... give it a try... and you are on your way!  Simple, isn't it?  Then maybe tomorrow you'll take the stairs instead of the elevator, bring your lunch to work, and figure out how to save a few dollars for the rest of the week (like bringing lunch instead of eating out).  Boom - again you have succeeded, and now you're building healthy habits.  Like I said, baby steps...

Go wild and enjoy!

Coach Linda

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tip 'n Things Tuesday

Continuing on our organizing theme this week for our first full week of 2014, today I'd like to share with you another YouTube I've discovered.  It's home organizing tips from Alejandra Home Organizing.  This video clip is a montage of idea for all over the house, and they're simple and terrific.  She references Ikea when discussing some of her shelving, but you can always look for other shelving possibilities or even see what you have around the house to repurpose. You can also find Alejandra on Facebook and on her blog at

So without further delay, here's her video - enjoy as  you get some terrific and immediately applicable ideas on organizing! Remember to share in the comments section your own organizing tips and tricks!


Coach Linda

Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Musings

Ryder Carroll's Bullet Journal System
Happy first Monday of 2014!!!  To start you off on a positive note, I'd like to share with you a new organizing idea I was introduced to over the weekend.  It's called a "bullet journal" and was created by Ryder Carroll - his website can be found at  What is especially cool about the journal is that you don't have to purchase anything from his site, or any fancy-schmancy stuff/gadgetry.  While he recommends the Moleskin line of journals with grid paper, you can use any notebook that works best for you - lined, blank, large, small... it's up to you.

This idea is appealing to my desire to be as organized as possible as frugally as possible, and as simply/quickly as possible.  I admit I'm an Evernote addict (, but might just use this journal as my paper "go to" when it's not convenient to get connected to Evernote.  Very appealing!

Please enjoy the video and I welcome your comments and feedback, as well as your own ideas on what organizing system you use!  Here's to a most remarkable 2014 for us all!


Coach Linda

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wild Woman Wednesday

Welcome to 2014 and our very first posting for the year – and how appropriate is it that it should fall on Wild Woman Wednesday?????  Love it!

I L-O-V-E the first few days of January, because it gives me a chance to start with a fresh, clean slate with my goals, ambitions, planning, organizing, and dreams.  My downfall is that I want to all of it within those few days – from losing those Christmas Cookie Five (pounds) to cleaning/organizing every nook and cranny of the home including the basement and closets, to running that marathon, etc.  You get the picture. 

Some things I’m doing this year to save time (and money) is to commit to reading the books I have that haven’t yet been read and not allowing myself to purchase even ONE book (outside school textbooks and reading for my career) until they are all done.  Sorry, Amazon, your stock may plummet!  Nonetheless, I’ve picked my top 12 and between hard copies and Kindle, that is IT!

Last year I took a recommendation and chose one word/theme instead of a bunch of resolutions upon which to focus during the year.  It worked for me, so I am doing that again this year, and I’d like to recommend that for you as well.  What one thing would you like to achieve/focus on in 2014?  Maybe it’s something like empowerment, or clarity, or organization.  Perhaps it’s devotion, or loving, or education.  Quietly take a few minutes to think and pray about it, and I’d love to hear what you come up with.  Last year my friend chose “Simplicity”, which was one I liked a lot!

I’d also like to recommend that you focus on planning for 2014.  When we take baby steps to plan for certain goals, whether it’s a pound a week towards weight loss, marking your calendar with a gym appointment for a workout 3-4 times a week, to setting aside an extra hour on Sundays to prep your food/menu for the week (and this is just in the category of health and wellness), planning is crucial to success – in every area of life. 

So Wild Woman, what does 2014 hold for you?  What great adventures will you go on?  What goals will you achieve?  What difficulties will you tackle and conquer?  It’s a fresh, clean slate – go for it!!!


… and what better time than NOW to START LIFE COACHING to OPTOMIZE YOUR YEAR AND LIFE! Let's get started - call me at 609-331-9833 and GET STARTED ON YOUR JOURNEY TO YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!