Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I want to dedicate this blog post to my dear and trusted friend, Judy Craig, and my Mom who love me enough to tell me the truth when I need it, even when it hurts and kicks my butt.  Love you both!!!

I like to think of myself as being a fairly optimistic person, a little south of Pollyanna most of the time.  Like the old Monty Python song says, “Always look on the bright side of life… do do… dah doot... de doot dah doot!” 


Lately I have chosen to let loose the Negative Nelly in me – she’s a bit south of Darth Vader.  Nelly is the little voice that lives to point out the bad side/points of everything in my life – from people to places to every little nook and cranny.  You gotta give her props for creativity, because she can find the down side to anything.  Some of her favorite lines usually include the words, “it’s not enough… you could do better… look at what the other person has…  it's not fair...”, and similar words that are the termites to my thankfulness.  She’s the daughter of that snake in a garden long ago that hissed doubt in Eve’s ear… and thus Negative Nelly was conceived.  She is the voice that breathes life into discontent, dissatisfaction, disgruntlement and displeasure.  Yep… she is the part of me that is the “Diva of Diss”!!!

It’s easy to allow yourself to become influenced by the circumstances of life – complex things like the economy (and how it affects you personally), the behavior/outlook of others around you... right down to the weather (she writes as yet another dreary NJ snowstorm rages outside).  It’s kind of like being a non-smoker in a room full of smokers.  You may come out a non-smoker, but the smoke has permeated your hair and clothes, it’s internalized in your lungs, and you carry the stench with you - until you choose to change those clothes, toss them in the laundry, and take a shower.  Negativity (and what we do with it) is a lot like that, isn’t it? 

It takes someone who really cares about to you have the courage to verbally hit you upside the head and call you on your “never satisfied” and “pity party thrower” sad self, and to encourage you to stop playing that same old tune and change the station! How grateful I am to have some treasured people like that in my life.

One of my favorite quotes about attitude come from Chuck Swindoll (see frame).  

So today I choose to change.  Today I will wipe the “diss” off my lenses, own my ‘tude, get down on my knees to ask God (and my longsuffering loved ones) to forgive me for being such a self-focused crabapple, and get on with the business of being grateful and thankful for the incredible life I have… right this second.  I’d rather wear a bit more rosy lenses, tinged with realism, but nonetheless more likely to see that for which I can and should be appreciative.  My blessings overflow, and it’s time my ‘tude, words, countenance and life reflected just that.

It’s like the old hymn said, “Count your blessings, name them one by one.  Count your blessings, see what God has done.”

Won’t you join me today?  Together let’s duct tape shut that Negative Nelly voice within, exercise our grateful muscles and work them out till we drop with thanksgiving!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wild Woman Wednesday

Are you kidding me?  Shut the front door!  Get outta here!  For real?
Wild Women Share!

How great is it when you get together with your besties/gal pals and share information on any and everything?  Last Friday night I had the privilege of going out to dinner with three fantastic friends, and we talked for hours about finance, travel, food, careers, motherhood, retirement options… concepts, notions, laughter and inspiration flowed!

Then just this morning I was chatting with two coworkers and we were discussing finances and how to save money, etc.  It’s amazing the ideas you can come up with, and how one good idea will spark another.
So here’s my frugal “friend find” to share with my Wild Women readers today as we continue in our “Frugal in ‘14” theme…  

I love my Kindle, and I love recipes, and of course the two just go hand-in-hand when you think of how many wonderful cookbooks are out there.  However… it’s all too easy to rack up debt faster than a bunch of good recipes.  What’s a cook-and-book lover to do???? 

I found a great website over at, where she lists all kinds of FREE KINDLE BOOKS ON AMAZON!!!!  Oh yeah, woo-hoo, I hit the motherlode!!!  So far this year I have saved over $300 on free books.  Yep, three Benjamins and change!  How great is that?!?!?!  I’ve gotten a variety of different books, and today I snagged several cookbooks.  Here’s the link (which also does include some books for a minimal cost as well):  One thing – you have to snatch up these savings quickly over at Amazon, because the free price tag isn’t forever.  If you don’t get it that day, it might go up to full price next time to click. 

I hope this will get you saving and reading today.  Go wild!  And do email me at with all your tips and tricks on how you are saving money this Frugal February!  Best ideas will be posted here on the blog!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thirsty Tuesday

A few years ago I found myself in the ER suffering from dehydration.  Now I didn't know it was that when I went in... all I knew was that I felt AWFUL!!!!  Two bags of fluid were administered to me via IV, and I have to tell you, when I left I felt like I could conquer the world.  It made that much of a difference in only a matter of hours... amazing!

So while this post won't be any earth-shaking news to you, I just thought it was a good time to remind you to DRINK WATER - LOTS AND LOTS!  There are countless reasons why it's good for you - just Google "Why Drink Water?" and see.  It's great for your skin (your biggest organ), your connective tissue, your organs... it hydrates from the inside out and energizes!!!

My current rule of thumb for myself  is to take my weight, divide it by two, and then drink that many fluid ounces of water per day.  That's IN ADDITION to any other liquids I drink, like tea, etc.  

Now I happen to like water, and I like it room temperature.  Perhaps you have to choke yours down... if so, just toss in some cucumber slices, or lemon or lime or orange slices, or some fresh strawberries.  I'm not an advocate of flavoring your water with artificial sweeteners or chemicals or colorings, so I don't use any of those things.  I prefer either straight up, or with some citrus or cukes (or both). I'll even put in some herbs - mint, cilantro, basil.  I sip throughout the day and usually don't chug-a-lug unless I'm working out and sweating my brains out (which always feels terrific)!!!

Exercise your gulp, gals -- get out there today and up your H2O intake!!!  You'll be glad you did - and it will give you a built in exercise plan (yes, that's what I mean, more trips to the loo)!!!


Coach Linda Bush  

Manage Da Money Monday

Your bucks for coffee with prices as high as the stars!
Welcome to another wonderful week, wild women. 

Begin by listing three things daily for which you are grateful!  In fact, I challenge you to join me in taking Ann Voskamp's "Joy Dare" this year!!!  To check it out click on this link:

So today is a bit of fun for all you Starbucks addicts out there!  While I will be the FIRST to tell you that I only buy a Green Tea Latte' on a major league splurge (we're talking birthdays and maybe once or twice outside that day), I do think they make good coffee. 

That being said, I frankly thing their prices are beyond re-DUNK-ulous and any fabulously frugal diva will agree.  In fact, several years ago I was doing a bit of financial coaching with a young lady who went to Starbucks every day, 24/7/365.  She never made coffee at home.  We figured out she was spending over $1,200 a year on coffee!  That's an expensive caffeine habit, yes?  That's one thousand two hundred dollars - and no sense whatsoever!!!!

But... be that as it may... here's a frugal way to indulge just for you.  This Friday, you can buy one of their "handcrafted" liquid gold beverages (handcrafted?  what are we, an artisan flea market?  pluuueezzee) and get another one for free.  Great... two coffees for the price of one (which still means you could get about 3-4 anywhere else, or a whole pound of beans at the store). 

And be careful - the price ain't the only costly thing -- remember you can gulp down a half-day's calories with one grando biggo extra fat super foam gi-gundo mocca caramel whoop-de-doozie.

Just sayin'...

Here's your financial challenge for February -- if you are a Starbucks addict, I challenge you to add up how much of your HARD-EARNED money you are lining their pockets with for the rest of this month.  And I also challenge you to use ONLY CASH to pay for that... yes, let Mr. Lincoln slip out of your fist each morning (or afternoon or evening... whenever you are getting your "fix").  Let's make this a little more real, shall we?

Here's the link for more info - enjoy!


Coach Linda

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mission Monday

Know your why?  I love that question!  But what do I mean? 

As you know, I’m passionate about purpose, and goal-setting, and bucket lists and going for the gusto to achieve your aspirations.  My work as a life coach is to help you discover your dreams and walk alongside you as together we partner to “put feet to your hopes and wishes” and make them a reality!  But before we can design your path to destiny, before those beautiful goals can be create, you need to know your why.

And that why is your purpose.  Why do you want that goal?  Why is it a passion burning inside you?  The why is the foundation upon which you build everything else.

I recently discovered a column on Forbes by Margie Warrell, and she had a wonderful column on “Know Your Why: 4 Questions To Tap the Power of Purpose.  I loved what she wrote that so accurately explained purpose:  

“The power of purpose is similar to the energy of light focused through a magnifying glass.  Diffused light has little use, but when its energy is concentrated – as through a magnifying glass – that same light can set fire to paper.  Focus its energy even more, as with a laser beam, and it has the power to cut through steel.  Likewise, a clear sense of purpose enables you to focus your efforts on what matters most…”

Today I’d like to direct you to this article – click HERE.  

I hope it will excite, encourage and inspire you and really get you to thinking.  May it be a grain of sand in your heart that spurs you on and won’t let you rest until you produce the pearl of a dream that’s been lying dormant under the blanket of can’t.