Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wild Woman Wednesday

FREE!  FREE!  Wild women love free, as long as it makes sense!  For example, as I’ve written about before, free food isn’t free – it still has calories, fat, etc.  Free "for a limited time" isn’t always good either, because eventually you’re still gonna pay.  Always read the label and fine print to make sure FREE is truly FREE!!!
However… before I become the perpetual pee-peer on your FREE parade, allow me to invite you to exercise your gimme-gimme it’s free frugality muscle for something that will exercise your mind and expand your world:  Free books/e-books!
On the “How-To Geek” website I found a great article entitled “How to Find Thousands of Free Ebooks Online” and its companion piece, “How to Send eBooks & Other Documents to Your Kindle.”  Check this out – you may be able to find all kinds of free reads, which is ALWAYS a good thing!  To exercise my own frugality, when I purchased my long-awaited iPhone, I opted not to purchase a separate Kindle since I was already able to download the Kindle app onto my iPhone and my laptop – $aved there!  I also $ave sometimes by purchasing a book as a Kindle instead of paper, because they can cost less than a regular book.  However, when it comes to textbooks or research materials, I still tend to go for paper, as I can’t give up highlighting and writing notes by hand, even though you can do the same on an electronic book. 
Using my iPhone Kindle app also FREES me to have reading material GA-LORE 24/7!  I find I’m able to grab a few pages whenever I have a bit of rare and glorious down time (like waiting in a doctor’s office, or standing in line at the grocery store).  It FREES me from the tyranny of the endless wait – I feel productive and happy that I’m able to  $AVE time and $AVE money!
Remember the good old days when your friend would finish reading a book she had been raving she just couldn’t put down, and she’d pass along the weathered and lovingly turned pages of this treasure to you to share?  Well, now if you have a Kindle you can also share (certain) books!  Here’s the link that explains it all (please note not all books are tagged to be loan-able, and the limit is 14 days).  CLICK HERE to go to those instructions.
So now that you are armed with all this $avvy $avings and are the new Princess of Prudentiality (seriously, is that a word???), feel FREE to get started saving time and money!  Remember - put those pennies away for a rainy day, or to pay down a credit card, or to gather together to invest!

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  1. Hey, hey! Thanks for this post! I was delighted to learn, a week or so ago, that I could download a FREE Kindle app to my laptop, via author Renee Swope's website, where she was giving away a free e-book copy of 'A Confident Heart.' I will DEFINITELY be checking out that link you posted here for finding free e-books online. I've already downloaded a bunch from Amazon already. Like my husband likes to say, 'if it's free, it's for me!' LOL.