Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trim Tuesday

How’s your wellness walk today?  Are you being intentional and mindful about what you eat, what you drink, and your exercise program?  Is it time for a revamp, or a catch up?  One of the most important things to remember is that your wellness walk is a journey, a daily step-by-step path to health.  And it’s not just about your body, either… it’s about emotional/mental health, spiritual wellness, financial and relational wellness, and your well-being overall. 
Are you stumbling around, tripping over the weeds of doing too much?  Tangled up in tension and stress?  Falling from fatigue?  This is one of the hardest areas for me in trying to stay on track – getting diverted by the million and one other demands that are crying out for my attention.  It is during these times that I find it easiest to fall into (nod to Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan) the pit of despair and despondency!  Once there, the temptation to give up grows up like a nasty weed around my spirit and before I know it… my energy and passion are being choked, and I’m just about ready to give up altogether.
Okay, so let’s get our trim-it muscles flexing and ready to weed!  Look at each of the areas of your life:
·         physical health (including nutrition and exercise),
·         spiritual
·         financial
·         relational (relationships with family, friends)
·         career/education
·         self-care
Choose one small task in each category that you can concentrate on this week, and one thing you can eliminate.  For example:
·         Physical:  drink more water; stop eating junk food
·         Spiritual:  spend 10 minutes each day in prayer; stop letting other things crowd out this quiet time, make it a precedence.
·         Financial:  Save $10 this week ($2 day); no instant  gratification purchases, must wait 24 hours to buy!
·         Relationships:  Spend one hour of one-on-one time with someone you love just talking or walking; don’t allow anyone to manipulate/maneuver/guilt you into doing something you don’t want to do.
·         Career/education: spend one hour this week reading about the field in which you want to become an expert; don’t allow your inner gremlin to make you think you’ll never make it.
·         Self-care:  Do something that makes you feel terrific, like a long shower or bubble bath, or a quiet walk alone in the woods or a hour reading a book by a lake/stream/beach; resist putting yourself last and make taking care of yourself a priority!
This should be a fun task for you, where you will do something positive, and eliminate something negative.  Trim the time-wasters and life leeches, and nurture/grow the significants.  I hope you will take up this exercise in cutting away the life clutter in order to make room for the wonderful things in store for you.  Take heart, take a deep breath, get excited, and start trimming today!

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  1. Once again, some non-threatening, doable things here. No excuses!

    Thanks, Linda!!