Monday, April 9, 2012

Move It Out Monday

I’m Linda, and I’m a chocolaholic!  Yep, I admit it.  Yesterday was a combination Easter/birthday celebration, so I indulged in my sweet cravings without one shred of guilt.  Now, before you have visions of me looking like the rotund and bloated blueberry girl from the original Willie Wonka movie, or envision me found with chocolate smeared all over my face surrounded by a chalk mark on the living room floor with a suspiciously empty Easter basket nearby, I am happy to say that I wasn’t beyond chocolate-crazed yesterday.  No, I didn’t look like I was about to give birth to a 10 pound solid milk-chocolate bunny, but I did have some kisses, an few mini-candies (my idea of a perfect “mini-bar”), and a slice of ice cream cake. 

Guess what happened?  I actually woke up this morning with a sugar hangover.  Yep, yep yep – full-fledged foggy kinda headachy yuck do I have to get out of bed daze.  Imagine that!  So now that the festivities are behind me (and I plan to ensure that is ONLY on a figure of speech), I am hopping faster than E. Bun-nah back onto the healthy eating lifestyle bandwagon.  It’s time to move all that junk out of my system.

You have probably read a ton of ideas/plans/methods on how to detox your system, from the simple (drink more water) to the intense (colonics).  I’m going for the fairly simple and easy-to-do lots of water and veggies method.  While I am not an advocate of cutting out any one food group from your daily nutrition plan, for this week I will be focusing mostly on eating non-processed foods, lots and lots of veggies of every kind, some fruits and drinking water with lemons/cucumbers and green tea or herbal teas.  It’s nothing radical or bizarre, just an easy-breezy way for me to get the excess junk out of my body. 

Are you feeling the food fog as well?  Then exercise your detox muscles and make more healthy, clean and simple eating choices for awhile to get all the gunk out of your system!


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  1. Wow, I just love this idea. As you said, nothing radical or bizarre. My kind of plan.

    As always, thanks for sharing these awesome, always doable tips to keep us healthy!!