Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Told Ya Tuesday

Today I’m here to tell you about an exercise program that changed my life.  PILATES!  Years ago I had fallen down a flight of stairs on my tailbone, and for the next 15 years I suffered from a whole lotta pain and discomfort, including twice being bedridden.  I will tell you that chiropractors helped me get back on track, but when I found Pilates, it opened up a whole new world of healing for me.  I lost weight, began strengthening my core muscles and it changed by body.  In fact, a few years ago my chiropractor said to me, “Linda, if I didn’t know your history of back problems, I would never know you had any issues at all!”
Invented by Joseph Pilates, his exercises are about flexion, extension, rotation (twisting) and lateral (side bends) of the spine, thus supporting and strengthening muscles of the spine.  It lengthens and strengths your muscles and your core – and once your core is strong, you work on your upper and lower spine with less chance of injury.  It is something almost anyone can do, including those recovering from injuries, whether you’re pregnant or getting your post-baby body back in shape, men, women, and  every age and size from the athlete to the newbie exerciser. 
I loved it so much, I became a Pilates mat and Pilates Reformer instructor.  I have a passion for Pilates! 
So, if you’re in the area and would like to learn more about Pilates classes, or to get a free Pilates reformer demonstration, come to the RWJ Hamilton Center for Health & Wellness and COME SEE ME ! 

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