Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wild Woman Wednesday

Photo credit:  Advanced Style
I’d like to take this Wild Woman Wednesday to tell you about a most amazing woman that I read about recently.  Her name is Ruth Kobin and she is 101 years old and still doing Pilates!  She can be seen on, and has been featured in Pilates Style Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Advanced Style.  

Ruth started taking classes in her late 80s, and they help her feel strong and healthy and relieve her aches and pains.  I love her attitude, because she says you are NEVER too old to exercise and stay active.  Women like Ruth, and Ernestine Shepherd (whom I featured in a previous blog click HERE) are my heros, along with the women I train in the Pilates Studio who are in their 70s and 80s and still going strong doing Pilates and Yoga and living life to the fullest.  They give a whole new meaning to one of my favorite mantras – LIVE JUICY!!!

Check out these links:

Photo Credit: Advanced Style
I hope you will be inspired by reading about beautiful and forever young Ruth and watching her videos on youtube.  As we talked about in yesterday’s blog, maybe this will help you eliminate excuses from your life in August when trying to find ways not to exercise! 

I hope to still be life coaching and teaching Pilates when I’m 100!!!  Bless Ruth’s heart, what a wild woman!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tank That! Tuesday

Release the impediments that are blocking your possibilities!
I was recently reading Leo Babauta’s blog, and really liked his idea of cultivating simplicity by planning to give up certain things… but for a month.  The recommended jumping off point for his site is  There’s a lot of info here, so check it out.

As I mentioned yesterday, we’re fast approaching the month of August… two days away, gulp!  Why not think of something that you could give up for one month and practice it in August?  Perhaps it’s a habit you want to stop, or a food that your body would be better off without…  just take some time in the next two days to ruminate over the possibilities of what could be decluttered from your mind, body, calendar that would improve your life.  This isn’t something to stress over, but something to joyfully look forward to – sort of like, “Yeah, I’m gonna start reading more by eliminating television for August!”  Concentrate on the benefits of whatever it is that may be (even this moment) coming into your mind.  Pray about it.  Meditate on it.  What is tripping you up, entangling itself around your best self, keeping you from the better/healthier/more you… YOU?

I’d love to hear from you to see what you’re planning on eliminating so email me at and I'll share the results here.

There’s a word (I love words)… ELIMINATE.  To remove or get rid of, especially as being in some way undesirable.  To omit, especially as being unimportant or irrelevant, leave out.  To remove from further consideration.  To eradicate.  To void or expel.  Wow – power images, yes? 

What is something that is undesirable in your life?  

What needs to be omitted because it’s irrelevant or unimportant?  

What needs to be removed from further consideration?  

Whew – these are influential and significant questions that need time to be digested.  Perhaps it’s not a thing but an attitude.  For example, “I will stop looking at my husband’s bad points and only concentrate on his good points in August, and be sure to highlight them and praise him for it.”  Imagine how that could improve your relationship and help you rediscover the love of the man you are blessed to have as your husband.  Works with kids and friends and other family members as well.

So… that’s your assignment for August, should you choose to accept it (theme of Mission: Impossible playing in the background for inspiration and motivation).  

What will you eliminate/eradicate/omit/rid yourself of for 31 days this summer?  

Imagine the potential, the promise of what could happen because of this one decision – get jazzed and get going!  Miracles are awaiting you!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Margin Monday

Time flies if you're having fun or not - learn to build in margin!!
Here we are at the last of our July series of learning more about adding time and balance to our lives.  Yes, this month has flown by and we’re almost in August!!!  How has it been going for you thus far?  Have you begun to implement little seeds of time-planting into your daily life? 

Today we’re going to look at adding exercise time into your life.  As much as we’d all love to have the luxury of spending time at the gym (and as a personal trainer and Pilates Reformer instructor I’m the first to recommend gym time to get your body in shape), sometimes you just can’t get there.  Now… let me preface that by saying that is NOT those lame excuse reasons for not going – I’m tired, it’s raining, it’s a day ending in a Y… I actually (promise, this is true) had a client once not show because her son’s pet hamster died, and her son was 17.  Sorry, that one just didn’t cut the mustard.  

But there are legit reasons on occasion when you just can’t get there – sick child, last minute work, car issues, major league storms (and I do mean major, not a little rain or snow),etc.  Today I’m going to give you an abs exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere… so it will eliminate the guilt for not working out, while eliminating the excuse of not working out – this only takes a few minutes. 

I found this from a Men’s Health email, and while it’s demonstrated by a guy, it’s certainly very applicable to us as well.  As always, consult with your doctor before doing any exercise program.  It’s called a Lateral Wall Run, and if done properly (watch the video closely and listen carefully), its one exercise that I’m going to be adding to my own repertoire. 

In addition to this, when you practice Pilates you can always do a few of those exercises at home when you can’t get to the gym.  There’s no reason you can’t run up and down your stairs, do some pushups, planks and stretches at home.  While you won’t have the advantages and benefits of being with your trainer or in a group session, you still can keep your routine on target.  And by planting these little exercise “seeds” throughout your day, along with the standard things like parking at a distance in the lot, taking stairs instead of the elevator, walking at lunchtime, etc. you will begin to see and feel the results.  

We reap what we sow in all areas of life, so… sow seeds of balance and exercise for a healthier, calmer and more balanced life. Work those determination and stick-to-it exercise seeds today, wild women!



Are you struggling with finding time to go after those goals and dreams you want?  Life coaching can help! Why not target August as the month you will begin - contact me now via phone, email or text and let's start getting you on track TODAY!  

For such a time as this...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tackle It Tuesday

For THIS I went to college????
 When considering time management issues in life, one thing that always seems to come up is the area of home management. Today we're going to tackle saving a bit of time when cleaning -- it always has to be done, and can be a real bear!  One of the best sites I found years ago was called www.flylady net, which helps you learn how to clean and gives you a schedule and helps you organize it.  It was a lifesaver for me, as at the time this single mom was raising a daughter, working two jobs and going to school.  Any help I could get was more than a small blessing!  I love the quote from the site: "Guilt is our enemy. It eats away at our health and happiness. When we establish these habits, we free ourselves of the guilt that overcomes us when our homes are a mess." ~FlyLady  There aren't many wild women out there that I know that don't carry around some weight of guilt that their homes aren't the way they'd like them to be.  It's hard when you suffer from C.H.A.O.S - Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome, because you feel your home is too messy. Frankly, I'm a bit suspect of anyone who has a picture perfect home 24/7, and I consider dust bunnies very accommodating and non-demanding pets.  If you can afford to have someone else do the job for you, more power to you, girlfriend!  But there is nothing nicer than feeling relaxed and comfortable when someone drops in.  Hey, if a "friend" has issues because I don't have a freshly scrubbed floor, then the title of "friend" may come into question!  That being said, though, it really is an "ahhhhh...." feeling to know you can invite someone over spontaneously and not feel completely embarrassed by the clutter and mess that is draining your energy and stressing you out.   I'm hoping this website and the magic below will help ease any false guilt you may be harboring and put a bit more sparkle in your home and eye today.  Trust me, I'm no Stepford Wife, but I do think a lot of women struggle with the whole "clean house" stress/guilt, and today's blog is simply to offer a few tips that might save you a few minutes around the house.

I discovered Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser about a year ago, and am constantly amazed at how good it works.  It really is a bit of magic!  I know, I sound a bit like an infomercial, and I really am not getting any kickbacks from this unsolicited endorsement!  I just like to pass along good info and products.  So when I saw this website (courtesy of one of my favorite addictions - with a listing of ways it can help around the house, I just had to share it with my wild women!  I've put the list below, but click HERE to surf over for lots of  household tips.

Hello big boy - now THIS is my idea of a knight in shining armor!
Hey, who doesn't want to hang out with a hunky and muscular bald guy with an earring who wants to do your cleaning for you?????  Roll up those sleeves, exercise your time-saving cleaning muscles, and go for it.  If you have any cleaning tips that you can pass along, please email me at and I'll post them here!  After all, wild women are also domestic goddesses!


Coach Linda

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

  • Removing scuff marks from floors, doors, and baseboards (…not only scuff marks, but also years of black grime & built-up hairspray on white baseboards in the bathrooms & door panels of cabinets/doors)
  •  Making tennis shoes look like new again
  •  Cleaning white grout effortlessly
  •  Removing set-in tea stains in the Mr. Coffee Instant Tea Maker (pitcher & tea holder)
  •  Cleaning the textured plastic parts of the computer monitor, keyboard & mouse
  •  Removing set-in stains from drink coasters (…even those ceramic ones)
  •  Cleaning in the tiny nooks & crannies of the electric can opener
  • remove dried paint from door hinges
  • remove tarnish from silver
  • remove mold & mildew from anything plastic
  • clean & polish gold jewelry
  • remove soap scum in the tub and shower
  • remove marks on walls
  • clean splatters inside the microwave
  • remove marks on vinyl siding
  • clean mirrors in the bathroom (keeps shower mirrors from fogging)
  • remove adhesive residue after removing stickers
  • remove waterline mark around the pool
  • remove hair dye from countertops & floors
  • clean light-colored suede
  • remove black scuff marks from baseboards (where the vacuum cleaner hits)
  • clean the outdoor side of window sills stained from leaves, dust and dirt
  • clean plastic coolers inside and out (…even dirty grimey ones used by men with greasy hands!)
  • remove rust spots & stains on countertop
  • remove cooked-on stains in pots and pans
  • remove soot off the walls near the fireplace
  • clean within the grooves of lawn ornaments
  • clean sticky/dusty range hood over the stove
  • remove nail polish spills or stains
  • clean airbake cookie sheets & bakeware (the kind with all those tiny grooves)
  • clean oven shelves & the grates on the grill
  • remove wet nose marks from pets on the windows (even car windows)
  • remove toothpaste splashes from bathroom mirrors
  • remove melted plastic on the side of the toaster oven
  • remove grimey green algae from cement (bird baths, steps, ponds, etc)
  • clean stained elbows from dirty work
  • remove green mildew from siding and gutters
  • remove paint spills & oversprays
  • remove toilet bowl rings (cut a piece off & let it set in your toilet overnight; don’t flush it; doesn’t always work)
  • remove built-up algae, water deposits, etc from ceramic flower pots
  • clean dish drainers that are gunked with lime and build-up
  • remove bird poop from concrete bird bath
  • remove coffee & tea stains that remain inside a mug, caraffe, thermos even after washing
  • clean the plastic agitator inside your washing machine
  • clean window screens (even when they are still in the window)
  • remove built-up baked on grease inside the deep fryer
  • clean inside the crock pot
  • remove melted plastic on a glass top stove
  • clean swimming pool steps
  • remove baked on brown spots on cookware
  • clean antiques & collectibles
  • polish collectible coins (UPDATE: coin experts recommend that you do NOT clean coins.)
  • clean & shine things up before you sell them in a yard sale
  • clean boat & outdoor furniture upholstery
  • clean vinyl striping on motorhomes, vans, boats
  • clean car tires, including white walls
  • clean pebbled surfaces like the outside of plastic coolers
  • remove pet & child vomit from carpet or clothing
  • remove scuff marks on motorcycle & ATV helmets
  • remove grass stains from shoes after mowing the lawn
  • remove scuff marks from hangers/shoes in the walk-in closet
  • clean oven door
  • remove pollen from patio furniture, cars, etc.
  • remove soap scum and gunk from around the bathroom faucets
  • remove hairspray build-up on countertops and vanities
  • remove soap scum inside porcelain & utility sinks
  • clean stained caulking along the kitchen sink & countertop
  • clean your bicycle, even the tires & rims
  • clean tile & grout
  • remove mildew from tents, vinyl canopies, awnings, fiberglass items
  • remove paint overspray that has dried
  • remove shoe marks from the kickplate of house doors & car doors
  • clean inside your car (along the handles, window ledge, arm rests, dashboard)
  • remove scuff marks and dirt from linoleum floors
  • remove stains on leather seats, purses, chairs, etc.
  • remove food stains inside plastic food containers
  • remove brake dust from tire rims
  • remove dirt and grime on a vinyl convertible top
  • remove nail polish from walls, carpets, wooden objects, plastic
  • remove soil or scuff marks from ceramic tile flooring
  • clean non-skid surfaces with tiny grooves (bathtub floors, refrigerator handles, pool steps, cooler lids)
  • clean & shine bathroom faucets & fixtures
  • remove magic marker, permanent marker, and ballpoint ink from virtually any surface
  • clean doll faces
  • clean textured handles on major appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, stove)
  • remove fingerprints and dirt on light-colored kitchen cupboards
  • clean inside of the refrigerator
  • remove crayon marks from walls
  • remove dirt from plastic trash cans
  • remove dark paint on light-colored carpet
  • clean soap scum and oils from hot tub
  • clean a car’s vinyl interior (gets into the tiny crinkles in the vinyl armrest, etc.)
  • clean white porch railings, columns & pillars
  • remove bugs from car windshield, grille, and bumper
  • remove paint scratches on your car from minor fender benders
  • remove rust and corrosion that’s built-up on the outside of pipes (kitchen/bathroom)
  • clean & shine hubcaps
  • remove built-up grime on the car steering wheel
  • remove finger prints & build-up on the keyboard and mouse
  • remove oxidized paint from an old car
  • remove built-up gunk from vinyl seats
  • remove tar from your car’s paint
  • remove set-in stains inside glass and plastic pitchers
  • remove scuff marks from the back of car seats (from kids’ shoes)
  • clean kids’ plastic toys
  • remove dirt and grime from athletic shoes and shoes with leather uppers
  • remove stains on the underside of the toilet seat
  • remove fingerprint & handprints from light-colored doors & walls
  • remove scuff marks from your patio furniture

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Talk to Me Thursday!

I didn't know that about you - how cool is THAT?!?!?!?
Okay, wild women, for a chance of pace I want to let YOU do the talking today -- please complete this survey and let me know what's going on with YOU!

Please complete the survey by scrolling down on the left column.  Let's get to know one another.  Perhaps some of the questions will help you get to know YOU better as well!

Coach Linda Bush

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tally It Tuesday

Do you know how many calories you burn a day? 

That's really important to know, because based on that number, you will determine how many calories a day you need to gain/maintain/lose weight as you calculate your food intake (fuel for the body).  

There was a great article by Aaron Snyder on just this, and even I (yes, I am a fearful math-phoebic) was able to figure it out!  I share this with you today (I figured out mine using an Excel spreadsheet).  

I've copied it below, but you can also read it at the original site:

So grab your spreadsheet or calculator, figure it out, and make your meals COUNT for the maximum nutritional content!


Coach Linda

Monday, July 15, 2013

Marvelous Mamas Monday

There are soooooo many things we wild women enjoy doing, have done and really want to do.  I obviously am into exercise – it would be a fairly silly thing for me to be a certified personal trainer, Pilates and Pilates Reformer instructor, kettlebells and TRX instructor if I didn’t like exercise!!!  That would be seriously painful.  I also love to cook, and would love to be more organized.

Today I’d like to combine those three passions by introducing you to two terrific sites I just discovered: – this is a great site by Clare, who is a fitness enthusiast and instructor.  She has some great gym workouts and I highly recommend her site and blog!  (She also is listing a yummy Chocolate Almond Butter Popsicle recipe).  She will get you movin’ and a-groovin’, gals! 

When you’re done checking this site out, go to, specifically over to “Adventures in Freezer Cooking” (click the name to link over).  She’s got a bunch of recipes for freezer cooking.  I’ve always thought it would be cool (yes, pun intended) to take a Saturday to make batches and batches of food that could be prepared/frozen for future use.  The concept appeals to me because in the long run, think of the time you would save on those harried evenings when you’re too tired to plan and cook a meal.  It’s right there in your freezer.  You could even make it a fun day with a girlfriend or two – the more the merrier.  Who’s got the biggest kitchen?  Well, gather there and whip up some of these recipes together – now you’ve had a great day with the girls and meals for a couple of weeks.  Gotta love it!

Thank you to these two marvelous mamas for their blog sites and postings.  And wild women, please be sure to email me at with suggestions for other websites and blogs that you enjoy – share with the group!

Enjoy this first day of a fabulous new week, my friends!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tasty Thursday

I love soup anytime of the year.  Of course, I'm especially crazed about it just as my favorite season of Autumn blows in with her cool, crisp breezes and dancing multi-colored leaves.  Oh, I can't wait!  I'm soooo ready for Autumn!  But I digress... 

On yesterday's "Women Living Well" blog, they posted a recipe from Comfy in the Kitchen for Summer Corn and Potato Chowder.  My mouth watered just looking at the pictures and I can't wait to make this "yum in a bowl" flavor explosion - I may have to put this on the weekend menu - note to self, stop by the farmer's market stand and get fresh corn!!!  My only changes to this recipe to make it a little more beach bod friendly would be to substitute no-fat low sodium chicken broth, substitute w2hole milk for the one cup of half and half (or at least use fat-free half and half), and then substitute skim milk for the other cup of milk.  It might not be quite as creamy, but use this trick to add some creaminess without the calories to any soup recipe -- take about 1/2 cup to one cup of the soup and liquify it in your blender, then add back to your soup pot.  Instant cream of whatever without all that fat and calories!  I would also switch out two of the four tablespoons of butter with extra virgin olive oil.  You want some of the butter in there so you don't sacrifice that flavor.

Thanks to Courtney from Women Living Well and Janelle from Comfy in the Kitchen   Please be sure to surf over to their sites - lots of good stuff.

Get ready to exercise those taste buds, ladies -- serve this with a big old bahonkin' salad and you are good to go!  Save time in the long run by making several batches and freeze it for later, or give a batch to a friend so she won't have to cook!  


Coach Linda

Summer Corn and Red Potato Chowder
(makes about 8 servings)
6 medium ears of corn, husks and silk removed
4 Tbsp butter
1 medium onion diced
1 garlic clove chopped (or 1 tsp garlic powder)
2 Tbsp all purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 lb baby red potatoes
2 cans (14 1/2 oz each) low sodium chicken broth
1 cup half and half
1 cup milk
1. Cut kernels from corn cobs and save 3 of the “cornless cobs”
2. In a large pot heat butter on med-high.
3. Add onions and saute about 5 mins until tender.
4. Add garlic and then stir in flour, salt, and pepper.
5. Stir in potatoes, corn, corncobs, broth, half and half, and milk.
6. Cover and let boil for 20 mins until potatoes are tender.
7. Discard cobs and enjoy!

This is one of my husband’s and my favorite soups…I changed it to suit the ingredients I had on hand. You won’t want to pass this one up my friends….it is so good that my husband takes the left overs to work the next day (which is typically unheard of for him).
A fantastic recipe right now when corn is IN season!
Shuck fresh corn on the cob

Rinse corn and get rid of all silk

Quarter baby red potatoes.

Dice onions.

With a knife-slice the corn off the cob.
You may end up cutting kernels unevenly-don’t worry about it.

Saute butter in large pot, add onions and garlic

Then add flour, salt and pepper – this will make a paste on your onions.

Add milk, broth, cream, corn, and potatoes.

Place 3 corn on the cobs (with kernels off) in the soup for an extra corny taste. This really “makes it”. Cover and let simmer for 20 mins until the potatoes are tender.

I added seasoned salt and pepper on top.
You will LOVE this!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild women wear well!  Why?  Because we take care of ourselves and try to eat right.  Today on the  “Eat This, Not That!” blog posting I received, they had a great article on “10 Foods for a Longer Life” that fits well with our longevity lifestyle goals.  The list includes egg, green tea, garlic, grapefruit, greek yogurt, avocados, quinoa, bell peppers, almonds, and last but not least, swiss chard.  Here’s the link:

An interesting side note about grapefruit – a recent study showed that peole who ate half a grapefruit with each meal lost an average of 3.6 pounds over the course of 12 weeks, some losing as much as 10 pounds.  Love it – live longer and lose weight – there’s a combo I can do!  I admit, since I love grapefruit, this is not a hard choice.

Quinoa is a grain that I’ve started using only in the last year or so.  It has high protein content, substantial fiber, high in iron/potassium/magnesium and is low in fat.  One cup of cooked quinoa is 222 calories.  It’s also gluten-free – check out more info on this great grain HERE.  My friends Chuck and Terri made these amazing quinoa-stuffed peppers that I just wanted to rub in my face, they were THAT good!  I was looking up some information on potassium for my Mom and came across this scrumptious recipe over at The Daily Green for Quinoa Salad with Roasted Asparagus and White Beans.  What a fantastic blend of healthful, live-long foods into a flavorful dish packed with protein and potassium! 

So, wild women, get cooking with with some of these ingredients to stay healthy and strong this summer.  Make a big glass of iced green tea, have your quinoa salad with an appetizer of half a grapefruit, and (as Spock use to say) Live Long and Prosper!  (And be sure to check in tomorrow when we share a mouth-watering recipe on "Tasty Thursday"!!!  You won't want to miss it.


Coach Linda Bush

Photo/Recipe cortesy of vegan cookbook author Robin Robertson
Quinoa Salad with Roasted Asparagus and White Beans

Nutty, flavorful, and loaded with nutrients, quinoa is a delicious grain that shines with the addition of roasted asparagus and a light lemony dressing.


1 cup quinoa, regular or red, thoroughly rinsed
2 cups water
1 bunch asparagus, trimmed and cut into 2-inch pieces
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 (16-ounce) can white beans, drained and rinsed
1 roasted red bell pepper, cut into 1/4-inch x 2-inch strips
1/2 cup celery, thinly sliced
2 tablespoons minced scallions
Salad greens, to serve
2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley or basil, for garnish

1. Preheat the oven to 425° F.

2. Combine the quinoa with the water in a saucepan and bring to boil. Salt the water, reduce the heat to low, and simmer 10 to 15 minutes or until all liquid is absorbed. Drain well and place in a large bowl. Set aside to cool.

3. Arrange the asparagus on a light oiled baking pan and drizzle with 1 tablespoon of the olive oil. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Roast until tender, about 10 minutes.

4. In a separate bowl, combine the remaining olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and pepper. Add the white beans, roasted pepper, celery, and scallions, along with the roasted asparagus and cooked quinoa. Toss gently to combine. Serve on salad greens garnished with parsley.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday

On your wheel of life one of the spokes is education/self-development.  What are you doing to improve yourself educationally today?  I’m a HUGE advocate of being a lifelong learner… formally, informally and everyday in snippets and wonder!  Especially in the summer there are a number of free education opportunities to take advantage of – contact your local library, museum, planetarium, college and see what they may be offering for you. 

Additionally, through iTunes University you can take a free online course from the major universities around the world – they offer 300,000 FREE lectures!!!  C’mon, you should be able to find a few that will interest you in that variety.  Surf to places like 

to see what free courses are online – both in audio and video presentations.  You can get audio CDs for your car and learn a new language as you commute, for example.  Check this site for free audio books online:  

I keep an apps section called “READING” on my iPhone that holds my kindle books, my books, downcasts and podcasts so that, instead of being at the mercy of some DJ on word overload, I can listen/”read” while in the car.  Let me tell you, it really helps me feel less victimized by traffic jams – at least I’m doing something productive while stuck!  Search the internet for classes on YouTube, find podcasts… there’s just no limit to what you can listen to and read – for FREE.

Rummage through a local used bookstore – and often libraries sell used books as well for next to nothing.  Recently I was shopping at my favorite market, Whole Foods, and I happened upon a little set-up of used donated books that they had set up to raise funds for a community project.  I found three paperback books and only paid $1 each for them. 

You don’t have to spend your ice cream cone allowance on tuitions.  Be a saving sleuth and begin pursuing your educational/self-developmental dreams without busting your summer budget.  Exercise that brain this summer (the sexiest part of any woman) – you want to be brain and bod beach ready!  Instead of reading some drippy excuse of a book that will cause your grey matter to drip out of your ears, invest the time in yourself with substance, something that will take you to new education levels and empower you to keep reaching for your goals.

Now that makes a LOT of summer cents, doesn’t it?   Did I mention free????


Monday, July 8, 2013

More Margin Monday

Good morning, wild women!  Are you rested and relaxed from the holiday, or harried, hurried and exhausted from trying to be too much and do too much?  As we continue in this month’s series on margin which we started July 1st (click HERE to read last week’s blog posting).

This week I would like to direct you to the wonderful website of Michael Hyatt, and his posting entitled, “How to Create More Marginin Your Life.”  He offers us a concept (originally authored by Todd Duncan) where you first create your idea week and work from that “template”, with a mindset of your time needing to be budgeted, much like you (should) keep your financial accounts/budget in check.  Not only does he explain this grid theory, he provides a free download, which I appreciated, because then you can tailor it to your own needs.  Michael also quotes from Richard Swenson’s book on Margin. 

Don’t get stuck in the details/perfection of it.  Just sit down for 10 minutes, read the blog entry, download and review the spreadsheet and consider how it might be beneficial for you.  I always think that even if you only get one or two ideas out of something,  

Remember, wild woman, first thing you need to do is to give yourself permission to stop the “crazies” and begin to carve back, push back and protect yourself/life/health by beginning the hard journey back to a life where you can breathe.  Relax.  Release.  Breath.

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference. 

Living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time, accepting hardships as the pathway to peace, talking as He did this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it. 

Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will; that I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him forever in the next.  Amen ~ Reinhold Niebuhr

Coach Linda

God takes life’s pieces and gives us unbroken peace. ~ Gough

And since its summer, when most minds turn to ocean, surf and sand at some point in the season, I invite you to take a minute to simply drink in the beauty of CNN Travel’s post today on sand sculpture.  They are breathtakingly beautiful – created only with sand and water… simply amazing.  There are also some dates of sand sculpting events that you might want to visit!  Relax for a moment and enjoy!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild women may be wild and crazy, but we’re not buggy!  It’s that time of year when we’re swatting flies and mosquitoes (especially here in NJ where the rains come daily and leave puddles galore, ideal conditions for those nasty little critters).  With the holiday weekend almost upon us, that’s ALL we want upon us – no mosquitoes using us for a fly in, land and feast smorgasbord!  I found some of these recommendations at Bob Vila’s site over at

  • Block flies with basil – they hate the smell of it, so keep it around in pots and in your herb garden.  Who knew you could eliminate pests with pesto?
  • Scare off spiders with citrus – mix water and unsweetened lemon or lime juice and wipe countertops, spray doorways and windowsills, and put the peels of the lemons, limes and oranges in our garden!
  • Avoid ants with vinegar – use a 50/50 water/vinegar solution to wipe things down, too.  I’ve also heard the old wives tale that ants won’t cross chalk, so draw chalk lines inside your doorway and window sills, put on your best Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry voice, and ask those ants, “So punk, are you feelin’ lucky??”  Then squirt ‘em with vinegar!
  • Another mosquito deterrent is catnip – supposedly it works better than DEET.  Keep it in the garden and dab the essential oil on your skill.  But, hmmmm… won’t that attract cats to the garden?  I think a garden being used as a litter box might be a bit more daunting than mosquitoes.  Your call, being bit or having the neighborhood felines floundering all over you? 
  • Finish off fruit flies by putting a mixture of vinegar and 6-8 drops of dishwashing liquid in a glass bowl and fill with water (first fill ¾ full with the vinegar).  Change bowl often, as dead bugs floating aren't exactly the decor most hostesses want for their picnics!
  • I have also heard of taking a white plate, filling it with water and a few drops of lemon fresh Joy dishwashing liquid, and setting it strategically in areas that will draw those itch-inducing vampire varmints away from your patio, porch, etc. 
  • And speaking of vampires, eat lots of fresh garlic to deter them and their little flying pets.
  • Wear light-colored clothing – mosquitoes are drawn to dark colors.
  • When tossing some shrimp on the barbie, be sure to toss on some rosemary or sage on the grill as well – the scent repels mosquitoes and adds flavor to your grill!
  • One common repellent is citronella, the old standby.  Use only pure essential oil, not fragrance oil.  Dab it on, put it in a spray bottle and mix with water (shake each time before using) and spray around the area you will be using, and of course buy the citronella candles and oil for your patio torches.
  • And speaking of essential oils, use lavender essential oil.  It smells wonderful, but dilute it in a bit of carrier oil like sweet almond oil or coconut oil.  Lavender also calms and sooths, so it’s perfect for sitting out after a long day, nice little glass of wine in hand, watching the sun set and not slapping yourself silly fending off insects!
   In fact, I read that mixing a combo of essential oils of catnip, citronella, lavender, cinnamon and lemon eucalyptus and black pepper (about 6-8 drops each) into a few tablespoons of carrier oil and rubbing a bit on your skin, and also putting some in a spritzer bottle with rubbing alcohol and spraying your patio/porch area is a great preventive plan of action.  Okay, so it’s not exactly a “come hither” seductive scent, but we’re talking about repelling unwanted pests.  Hey, maybe I should bottle this stuff and sell it to women before they go out to their local singles haunts!  Wouldn’t a bad date repellent be priceless?!?!?!

So there you go, my sweet-blooded wild women who are so luscious and yummy that every mosquito in town is craving you!!!  Here are some ideas to keep you from becoming the local mosquito mob munchies menu.  Have a wonderful, safe and blessed Independence Day/weekend.  May the fireworks come from within your own dazzling self - light up the night!

Blessings and joy,

Coach Linda

Oh yes, and this IS the perfect opportunity to finally slap that stress-causing someone who’s been bugging you – simply slap them and yell MOSQUITO!  None the wiser, yes??!?!??!