Monday, July 15, 2013

Marvelous Mamas Monday

There are soooooo many things we wild women enjoy doing, have done and really want to do.  I obviously am into exercise – it would be a fairly silly thing for me to be a certified personal trainer, Pilates and Pilates Reformer instructor, kettlebells and TRX instructor if I didn’t like exercise!!!  That would be seriously painful.  I also love to cook, and would love to be more organized.

Today I’d like to combine those three passions by introducing you to two terrific sites I just discovered: – this is a great site by Clare, who is a fitness enthusiast and instructor.  She has some great gym workouts and I highly recommend her site and blog!  (She also is listing a yummy Chocolate Almond Butter Popsicle recipe).  She will get you movin’ and a-groovin’, gals! 

When you’re done checking this site out, go to, specifically over to “Adventures in Freezer Cooking” (click the name to link over).  She’s got a bunch of recipes for freezer cooking.  I’ve always thought it would be cool (yes, pun intended) to take a Saturday to make batches and batches of food that could be prepared/frozen for future use.  The concept appeals to me because in the long run, think of the time you would save on those harried evenings when you’re too tired to plan and cook a meal.  It’s right there in your freezer.  You could even make it a fun day with a girlfriend or two – the more the merrier.  Who’s got the biggest kitchen?  Well, gather there and whip up some of these recipes together – now you’ve had a great day with the girls and meals for a couple of weeks.  Gotta love it!

Thank you to these two marvelous mamas for their blog sites and postings.  And wild women, please be sure to email me at with suggestions for other websites and blogs that you enjoy – share with the group!

Enjoy this first day of a fabulous new week, my friends!


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