Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wild Woman Wednesday

I have started training with kettle bells for my certification the end of January. Talk about wild! Tonight after coming home from the gym, I had to use my foam roller for myofascial release on my legs, and my thera-cane for trigger point therapy on my shoulders and back. What was I thinking?!?! This is intense!!! I watch the other trainers (most of whom are young enough to be my children), and they are so full of energy and stamina. But what is great is that they are so supportive and willing to share their knowledge with me. It’s such a blessing to be working with these people.

Today find your courage muscle and step up to that dream you have been holding for so long. Are you ready to make the commitment to your body to have better health? Have you always dreamed of running a 5K and just been afraid because it seemed too big? Wanting to go back to college and finish that degree? What’s your dream?

You know, I sat on my butt for a lotta years until I got sick and tired of being sick and tired, and finally began my own program to lose weight and get healthy. That gave me self-motivation and courage to go back to dancing, and to college. Now, five years later, I’m 50 pounds lighter, in the best shape of my life, back in college, go dancing most weekends, earned my personal trainer and life coach and Pilates certifications, and I’m still reaching for the stars for as long as I'm able. Please understand, I’m sooooo NOT trying to blow my own horn here – all I’m saying is that YOU CAN DO IT!! Take the first step, don’t be afraid. Like working out, it takes hard work and some sweat and pain. But YOU CAN DO IT! You achieve a baby step, then another, and another. It is SUCH a SWEET feeling of accomplishment. Just take that first little step…

YOU ARE A WILD WOMAN FILLED WITH PASSION AND COURAGE!!! What are your dreams? Jump in, girl, and get started – life is not a dress rehearsal – LIVE JUICY!!!!

Linda (Live Juicy poem by SARK)

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