Friday, November 25, 2011

Flock to the Shops till You Drop Friday

So, did you stay up past your bedtime last night going out to the pre-black Friday bargain opportunities at 10pm or midnight? Did you get up at half-past dark-thirty to join others $eeking to $ubstantially $ave big bucks before most of us even thought of our morning coffee? I wonder how many calories you burned today in your battle against the mall madness to find the Holy Grail sale?

Personally, I took the opportunity of having today off to get some extra sleep and take advantage of some down time to watch an old movie or two and catch up on some studying and homework assignments. Then I went out tonight and celebrated my friend’s birthday with her. It was an unusually relaxing day, for which I am thankful. I also found myself not wanting to eat a lot of food – I kept things light. While I didn’t pig out yesterday, I still did eat more than I normally do on a given day, so I wanted to “detox” a bit.

How about you? Are you tired? Feeling overfed? Wondering when you will find a bit of rest and relaxation this long weekend? Friend, let me suggest you exercise your “time for me” muscles over the next day or two. Whether you have been battling the crowds while shopping and overspending, dealing with relatives or stress by overeating, or generally just overdoing it, it is time to slow down a bit. Perhaps you can find 15 minutes to walk outside by yourself, taking time to breath, admire the beauty and healing nature provides, and just the peace and quiet a short walk alone can give you. If you are like many other women, the demands of the preparation and clean-up of the Thanksgiving meal, and the associated visits and guests, along with the demands the rest of the weekend will bring, can leave you feeling as tired as a wrung-out dishrag, as my grandmother used to say.

For the rest of the weekend, be sure to eat smaller meals, within your caloric range, and hydrate often with water. Stick to more veggies and fruit, and resist the temptation to eat past the stage of satisfaction. Walk away from that second piece of pie, and eat slower so your body signals can tell you when you are truly full. Thanksgiving is not permission to become the gluttony goddess!

May the rest of your holiday weekend bring you blessings and joy and healthy eating!


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  1. As usual, excellent advice.

    Holy Grail sale. I'm dying over here, you are too funny. Wouldn't surprise me to hear that as a description in next year's Black Friday media blitz.