Monday, November 7, 2011

Much-Too-Much Monday

Last Tuesday’s blog addressed the potential stress levels of the upcoming holidays, and I gave some recommendations on how to handle it. However, it occurred to me that many of us are already dealing with much too much. Maybe you have just managed to make it through September’s school rush, then the October halloween fun and corresponding candy overload. Yes, last week I found it impossible to walk by the chocolate strewn all over like autumn leaves on everyone’s desks without eating a piece here and there. Why didn’t I just duct tape it to my butt and thighs?!?!!? And now as of this weekend, the stores have decked their halls and are playing Christmas muzak before the Thanksgiving bird has even had a chance to thaw!

As we plunge headlong into November (is it REALLY the 7th ALREADY?!?!), I’d like you to just exercise your PUT ON THE BRAKES muscles and just stop for 15 minutes. Just 15 little minutes. Go grab your kitchen timer and set it for 15. Now give yourself permission to sit down and breathe – flushed cheeks are cute, blue skin from not breathing? Not so much! That’s right. Good. Okay, now, calmly think about what needs to be done just this week, from November 7th through Saturday the 12th. Write down a list to help you stay organized. Now break that list down into smaller chunks – what can I do each day to accomplish my tasks? Is there anything you can delegate to a family member? Can you tag team with a friend and cook two meals instead of one and trade off so you will save one night of cooking? Can you baby-sit or carpool the kids for a friend one night this week, and have her do it another night? Brainstorm – think of possibilities – maybe they’ll work, maybe not, but if you can find one thing that may save you a few extra minutes or steps, that will be great!

Now, about that candy overload… for myself, I’m planning on eating lighter this week. That means more salads, more veggies, lots of lemon water (both hot first thing in the morning and cold throughout the day), eating “cleaner” to gently detox my body from the excess sugar and junk. Maybe you'd like to consider doing the same if no medical problems exist for you.

How about your calendar? Anything you can eliminate? Move something to the following week? And speaking of calendar events, if you by a miracle have a free Saturday morning (okay, I see you laughing till the tears roll down your face), I will be speaking at a women’s pre-holiday breakfast at Central Church in Ewing, NJ this Saturday morning (November 12th) from 8:30-12:30. It has been designed to be a fun event to usher in gently the upcoming holidays so we can prepare our heads and hearts. I will be speaking in one of the workshops on “Stress Management for the Holi-DAZE”. I would encourage you to take a morning for yourself (and a friend) to pamper yourselves and come join the festivities. If you’d like to attend, call the church office at 609.882.0337, or surf over to their website at for more info.

Finally, I will be posting tips for the holidays periodically as I find things that might help make your life a bit easier and saner as we do the holidaze and holidays together. We can do this, and have fun in the process. Now flash me the best muscles of all – your SMILE muscles! Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Today’s Thanksgiving Tip: Per instructions on, it takes one day for every four pounds of turkey for your frozen turkey to thaw on a shallow tray at the bottom shelf of your refrigerator. So, if you are planning on cooking a 16-20 pound turkey, it needs 4-5 days to thaw – so be sure to mark on you calendar that on Monday, November 21st (if you’re doing the 16-20 pound bird), to TRANSFER THE TURKEY FROM THE FREEZER TO THE REFRIGERATOR TO THAW!


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