Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild women love life. We are a passionate people, and enjoy family, friends and food! Sitting around the table laughing, talking… and eating. For those of us who don’t have the whole Norman Rockwell ideal Thanksgiving thang going on, we may be facing a difficult holiday… which can also mean eating. Seek out one another, ladies – is there someone who would love to have a seat at your table? I remember being a single mom and my daughter, my mother and I being invited over to a dear family who had quite a number in their group. It was so much fun! As an only child in a small family, I can also remember one Thanksgiving as a teenager being invited over to my girlfriend’s home with a HUGE Italian family. I had a blast, and also tasted many new foods that had never been served in my German home – roasted chestnuts, artichokes -- and pasta on Thanksgiving??? Who knew?!?!

Thanksgivings growing up for me were at my grandparents – the big dining room table had the leaf put in it (only on special occasions did that happen), and the aunts and uncles would arrive, along with my cousin. Grandmom had these barrel-shaped glasses that had a pattern of frosted grapevines on them, and when they were on the table, well, you knew something was special. I always looked forward to the traditional feast, and the pies galore sitting there on the side board all morning, begging me to sneak a taste. But no… we had to wait until after dinner.

One of my Thanksgiving traditions is watching “Miracle on 34th Street” – the original black and white version with Maureen O’Hara and Natalie Wood. I never get enough of this movie. I also like to open my Bible and read Psalm 100. I’d love to hear some of your traditions – please comment!

Exercise those big, beautiful hearts this year – invite someone over if you can, and if you are alone, do the same! Seek out a seat at a friend’s table – she’ll appreciate a helping hand and your friendship on that special day. Go to your local soup kitchen and serve – there’s nothing like focusing on others in need to make you realize how blessed you are where you are in your life right this moment. Choose to make it a great day.


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