Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tenacious Thursday

I had the privilege of meeting with a client last night who just knocked my socks off.  A lovely young woman who contracted a disease years ago just as her life was really getting started.  She wound up having to spend two whole years in bed, and has been slowly and tenaciously putting one foot in front of the other (both figuratively and literally) to reclaim her health, her vitality and her life.  As I drove home from the gym I couldn’t get her out of my mind – that fresh face covering a weary soul wrapped in hope and determination.  It just about brought me to tears – not of pity, but of inspiration.  
I know there are many wild women out there who are facing down mountains every day, wondering if they can make it, wondering if they are enough… days of bone-tired whys, slow progress, and times when it’s all you can do to get up out of bed to face another day.  Baby, you can – you can do it.  Maybe you need a good night’s sleep.  Maybe you need a deep, cathartic cry to cleanse out your system.  Maybe you need to just find one last shred of courage and oomph to take the next step.  But you can do it.  You are infinitely valuable and worthy and a treasure in and of yourself right this very second, just as you are.  Never, ever forget that!!!  You may feel light years away from where you want to go, but that’s okay.  Every journey is simply one step at a time.
Today look in the mirror and exercise your heart – make it bigger and bigger, and then wrap YOURSELF up in it.  There’s no one else on earth like you – and we are all glad you are on the planet.  Today, just for today, do what you can, where you can, when you can.  Make the most of you, the most of your opportunities and time.  Stop dwelling on the past or the might-have-beens and celebrate the how-far-I’ve-come.  Honor your acts of today – even if it’s as beautiful and simple as the fact that you had the courage to wash your face, brush your teeth, and lift your face to the sky.  You did it.  And you will do it again tomorrow… and the day after that… and the day after that…  Make it a practice to write down three things each day for which you are grateful/blessed, and three things that you successfully accomplished each day.  Focus on those successes, for they are the things which pave the way to your future, to the best you that you strive to become.
You are so precious and wonderful – you are strong, and you are tenacious, and you are a WILD WOMAN! 
With love and blessings,
P.S.  And if you are reading this and recognize yourself, thank you so much for making my life a little brighter with your visit last night - I think you are AWESOME!!!!!

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  1. Wow thanks for this one. next time you see tis young lady tell her thanks for the encouragement, (Thank You if your reading this)Great things happen to our hearts when we share God sightings. love you sister your a blessing to so many. I have learned so much from your and the reps of 100 are getting somewhat easier.