Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Motivational Monday

I have never, never, never (did I mention not at all ever never???) had a perfectly smooth stomach with hips that jutted out past the doorway before the rest of you came in the door.  When I was 17 I had the first of many surgeries which resulted in an almost hip-to-hip incision and scar.  That was used several times over during the course of the years for my C-section when my daughter was born, and later for my hersterectomy (spelling intentional, thank you very much).  When I was overweight, I got the dreaded “apron” effect of the folding fat pooch, and while I am now at a good weight and probably in the best healthy shape of my life, the drum-tight tum-tum has remained elusive.
While I do not expect at this stage of life to have a 20-something never given birth tummy (hey this is a working baby body!), I am now determined that this will be my six-pack summer (nod to Phil Vassar’s song) – as best as my personal best can be!  I would like to actually have a day (outside of pregnancy) when I am not mindfully holding my stomach in every waking moment – can anyone else relate???  Even personal trainers have their Achilles' heels!In order to do that, I have designed a combo kettlebell and Pilates mat and reformer routine which I have coined my “Kettlaties” workout.  Tonight I did four sets of swings with a 12 kg bell for a total of 118 swings (55, 30, 13, 20), a 3-minute plank, and 20 minutes of work on the Pilates reformer.  Since I had to finish up studying and take a mid-term I didn’t run.  I plan on doing my Kettlaties workouts on Mon/Wed/Fri, with alternating workouts on Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun – which may include swimming, walking, running, Pilates mat, stability ball, weights and bands.  I’m still designing that program and will see what I have time for tonight.
I write this to encourage/motivate others to join me in a six-pack summer adventure!!!  Memorial Day is Monday, May 28th, which gives us about six weeks to a six-pack.  A bit aggressive, but again, I’m not looking for outrageous model-perfect results – I’m setting a realistic goal of having better abs for me.  I want my core to be strong, supportive to my back and body, and healthy.  I’m not willing to sacrifice health/nutrition – for me it’s all about being healthy and strong.  If you’d like to jump on the six-pack bandwagon, email me at linda@coachlindabush.com, and we’ll encourage each other and cheer each other on!

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