Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tank That! Tuesday

Release the impediments that are blocking your possibilities!
I was recently reading Leo Babauta’s blog www.zenhabits.net, and really liked his idea of cultivating simplicity by planning to give up certain things… but for a month.  The recommended jumping off point for his site is http://zenhabits.net/start/.  There’s a lot of info here, so check it out.

As I mentioned yesterday, we’re fast approaching the month of August… two days away, gulp!  Why not think of something that you could give up for one month and practice it in August?  Perhaps it’s a habit you want to stop, or a food that your body would be better off without…  just take some time in the next two days to ruminate over the possibilities of what could be decluttered from your mind, body, calendar that would improve your life.  This isn’t something to stress over, but something to joyfully look forward to – sort of like, “Yeah, I’m gonna start reading more by eliminating television for August!”  Concentrate on the benefits of whatever it is that may be (even this moment) coming into your mind.  Pray about it.  Meditate on it.  What is tripping you up, entangling itself around your best self, keeping you from the better/healthier/more you… YOU?

I’d love to hear from you to see what you’re planning on eliminating so email me at linda@coachlindabush.com and I'll share the results here.

There’s a word (I love words)… ELIMINATE.  To remove or get rid of, especially as being in some way undesirable.  To omit, especially as being unimportant or irrelevant, leave out.  To remove from further consideration.  To eradicate.  To void or expel.  Wow – power images, yes? 

What is something that is undesirable in your life?  

What needs to be omitted because it’s irrelevant or unimportant?  

What needs to be removed from further consideration?  

Whew – these are influential and significant questions that need time to be digested.  Perhaps it’s not a thing but an attitude.  For example, “I will stop looking at my husband’s bad points and only concentrate on his good points in August, and be sure to highlight them and praise him for it.”  Imagine how that could improve your relationship and help you rediscover the love of the man you are blessed to have as your husband.  Works with kids and friends and other family members as well.

So… that’s your assignment for August, should you choose to accept it (theme of Mission: Impossible playing in the background for inspiration and motivation).  

What will you eliminate/eradicate/omit/rid yourself of for 31 days this summer?  

Imagine the potential, the promise of what could happen because of this one decision – get jazzed and get going!  Miracles are awaiting you!


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