Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild women may be wild and crazy, but we’re not buggy!  It’s that time of year when we’re swatting flies and mosquitoes (especially here in NJ where the rains come daily and leave puddles galore, ideal conditions for those nasty little critters).  With the holiday weekend almost upon us, that’s ALL we want upon us – no mosquitoes using us for a fly in, land and feast smorgasbord!  I found some of these recommendations at Bob Vila’s site over at

  • Block flies with basil – they hate the smell of it, so keep it around in pots and in your herb garden.  Who knew you could eliminate pests with pesto?
  • Scare off spiders with citrus – mix water and unsweetened lemon or lime juice and wipe countertops, spray doorways and windowsills, and put the peels of the lemons, limes and oranges in our garden!
  • Avoid ants with vinegar – use a 50/50 water/vinegar solution to wipe things down, too.  I’ve also heard the old wives tale that ants won’t cross chalk, so draw chalk lines inside your doorway and window sills, put on your best Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry voice, and ask those ants, “So punk, are you feelin’ lucky??”  Then squirt ‘em with vinegar!
  • Another mosquito deterrent is catnip – supposedly it works better than DEET.  Keep it in the garden and dab the essential oil on your skill.  But, hmmmm… won’t that attract cats to the garden?  I think a garden being used as a litter box might be a bit more daunting than mosquitoes.  Your call, being bit or having the neighborhood felines floundering all over you? 
  • Finish off fruit flies by putting a mixture of vinegar and 6-8 drops of dishwashing liquid in a glass bowl and fill with water (first fill ¾ full with the vinegar).  Change bowl often, as dead bugs floating aren't exactly the decor most hostesses want for their picnics!
  • I have also heard of taking a white plate, filling it with water and a few drops of lemon fresh Joy dishwashing liquid, and setting it strategically in areas that will draw those itch-inducing vampire varmints away from your patio, porch, etc. 
  • And speaking of vampires, eat lots of fresh garlic to deter them and their little flying pets.
  • Wear light-colored clothing – mosquitoes are drawn to dark colors.
  • When tossing some shrimp on the barbie, be sure to toss on some rosemary or sage on the grill as well – the scent repels mosquitoes and adds flavor to your grill!
  • One common repellent is citronella, the old standby.  Use only pure essential oil, not fragrance oil.  Dab it on, put it in a spray bottle and mix with water (shake each time before using) and spray around the area you will be using, and of course buy the citronella candles and oil for your patio torches.
  • And speaking of essential oils, use lavender essential oil.  It smells wonderful, but dilute it in a bit of carrier oil like sweet almond oil or coconut oil.  Lavender also calms and sooths, so it’s perfect for sitting out after a long day, nice little glass of wine in hand, watching the sun set and not slapping yourself silly fending off insects!
   In fact, I read that mixing a combo of essential oils of catnip, citronella, lavender, cinnamon and lemon eucalyptus and black pepper (about 6-8 drops each) into a few tablespoons of carrier oil and rubbing a bit on your skin, and also putting some in a spritzer bottle with rubbing alcohol and spraying your patio/porch area is a great preventive plan of action.  Okay, so it’s not exactly a “come hither” seductive scent, but we’re talking about repelling unwanted pests.  Hey, maybe I should bottle this stuff and sell it to women before they go out to their local singles haunts!  Wouldn’t a bad date repellent be priceless?!?!?!

So there you go, my sweet-blooded wild women who are so luscious and yummy that every mosquito in town is craving you!!!  Here are some ideas to keep you from becoming the local mosquito mob munchies menu.  Have a wonderful, safe and blessed Independence Day/weekend.  May the fireworks come from within your own dazzling self - light up the night!

Blessings and joy,

Coach Linda

Oh yes, and this IS the perfect opportunity to finally slap that stress-causing someone who’s been bugging you – simply slap them and yell MOSQUITO!  None the wiser, yes??!?!??!

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