Thursday, July 12, 2012

Take a Hike Thursday

As a follow-up to yesterday’s blog, today I’m here to tell you to go take a hike!

No, no!!! Don’t get mad and walk away!!! Seriously – get thee to the park or woods and walk!! I find there is nothing in life that a good walk in the woods, in nature, by a lake or stream, won’t at least help a bit. Maybe it’s not the end-all, be-all cure to the troubles of life, but it certainly helps give a momentary breather.

The National Park Service offers a website where you can find a park by state or simply by plugging in your zip code. Here it is:

You can also go to your city/township website to find areas to walk. The great thing is... access to most parks is either free or inexpensive. Do it alone, with friends, take the family… talk about quality time! Unplug your headset and listen to the birds. Look around you and notice the colors. Breathe deep and smell the earth and trees and flowers. Take time to just BE. Like the old saying goes, we aren’t human doings, we’re human beings… not that you would know this from looking around at the hamster wheels we can life!

Even if you just get out at lunch or after work and take a few minutes to walk down your street… make the time. It will clear your head and brighten your spirit – and based on yesterday’s blog, it will also add years to your life (and life to your years).

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