Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wild Woman Wednesday!!

What better time to begin again after a much-needed hiatus than on Wild Woman Wednesday? Hello and welcome back to the refreshed, renewed and ready to rock ‘n roll return of Coach Linda Bush’s blog!!!

Wild women rarely get to sit leisurely for any length of time, but their out-of-the-home careers often require being a regular “desk jockey”, sitting for hours behind a desk and in front of the computer screen. Add to that the sitting we do throughout any given day, along with watching TV, and it adds up.

That’s why today I wanted to provide you with information on a study recently that shows that sitting for long periods of time can harm our health (and widen our booties)!!!

You can find the study here on the Smartplanet website:

I recommend reading it standing up!

Along with this article, I thought a great counterpart would be this article by Prevention Magazine on “Award-Winning Butt Moves” – if you’re gonna get off of it, you may as well move it and groove it as well!

Thanks again for tuning back in. Be sure to share the website with others, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Coach Linda

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  1. Yay!!! Nice to see ya back, my friend. Great post, and you KNOW I'll be checking out the exercise.

    And thanks for your vital part in helping me find my way back to healthy!!