Friday, July 27, 2012

Financial Friday

Financial Friday

The other day I read a very good tip from the website Sound Mind Investing by Matt Bell on making fixed payments to your credit card in order to $ave money.  It explains how credit card companies use declining minimum payments to keep you enslaved to your balance.  Pretty $neaky!  Today I would like to encourage you to use your good CENTS muscles as you read this, and then go adjust your budget accordingly! 

Another little trick is this – I want you to get yourself a big ol’ glass or plastic jar – an old spaghetti sauce jar or mayo jar will do the trick nicely.  That’s right, don’t spend a penny on some fancy cutesy piggy bank, just recycle what you already have.  We’re going to go green to save green!  Now, every single night before you go to bed, get into the habit of empting your pockets and/or purse or wherever you keep your change.  Dump it all in to the jar, every last penny, nickel, quarter and dime.  This is an ages-old thrifty habit, but it works just as well today as it did years ago. You truly will be surprised how quickly that change adds up – many banks today even have a little change center where you can dump in your jar savings, the machine count it up for you, and you can take the receipt to the teller.  However, instead of “cashing out” your money, put it back into your checking or savings, or into a CD, or buy a stock… something where you are saving it.  This could go into your emergency savings fund.  Or make an extra payment on an owed bill.  The point is, you’re saving and making headway to being financial free.  One step forward…

And remember to try and use only paper and change money this weekend instead of credit cards or debit cards – another little way that you can ca$h in on $avings and keep from over$pending! 

Have a happy and healthy weekend filled with friends, family, love and laughter!


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