Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trim Tuesday

For many of you, today is an unusually hectic Tuesday. It may be the kids’ first day back at school. It’s the official “end of summer” Tuesday after a long weekend, which is a sad time for those beach-loving ladies! And if you’re on the east coast, yes, it’s raining again. But it's also a fresh new school year, a new month, and a great time to start a new little project that is easy, manageable, and will help ease your stress level.

Today’s suggestion is this – exercise your ability to declutter. Now I don’t just mean that kitchen junk drawer that has who-knows-what in it from before electricity was invented. A very smart and do-able lesson I learned from a great website called www.flylady.com was to take a timer (like a kitchen timer), set it for 15 minutes, and tackle one little clutter spot in your home. Go at it like gangbusters, and after 15 minutes – RING! You’re done! It is a terrific sense of “I started it” accomplishment, but in a manageable moment.

You choose your area – kitchen table, desk, closet, basement – the area that just drains the life out of you every time you look at it! It’s amazing how good you feel after only 15 little minutes. Most of us can do pretty much anything for 15 minutes, right? And while you’re at it, if you are already uncluttered, set that timer and do 15 minutes of exercise! Or, look at your calendar for the month of September and declutter those days by logging in 15 minutes a day for a non-negotiable appointment with YOU - to breath, pray, walk, and just BE.

C’mon now, get ready, get set, timer on – GO FOR IT!!!!

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