Monday, September 19, 2011

Move It Monday

Okay, girls, it’s the beginning of the week. How was your weekend? Was that you I heard screaming this morning when you stepped on the scale? Don’t panic; let’s just get back on track. Make it a point to walk at a fast pace (about 125 steps per minute) for at least 30 minutes today. You can break that into two 15-minute segments, but just do it. Lunchtime, maybe, and then once when you get home. You need to move it, move it!!! Try to do that every day this week – build 15 minutes twice a day into your schedule – bring the hubs or kids or friends along – it’s always easier walking with a partner.

Also, one of the best exercises in the world for abs is a plank. You lay face down on the floor. Get up onto your elbows, and rise up on your toes so your body is straight as a board about 6-8 inches above the floor (hence the name plank). Your bottom shouldn’t be piking up so you look like a triangle, but you should also not slouch/arch your back so you look like a “U. Check out the picture. Then hold this position, breathing deeply, for 30 seconds to one minute to begin with, adding seconds with each new plank. Hey, if you can only hold it for a few seconds to begin with, that’s okay. Baby steps!!!! If you have any back injuries or aches/pains, be sure to check with your doctor before doing this, and as always, you should always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program!!

If you did overdo it this weekend food-wise, just get back on track today – no excuses. Plan your food, eat intentionally and mindfully, and add lots of water and veggies this week. YOU CAN DO IT!!!



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