Friday, September 16, 2011

Freezer Friday

Ahhh… the temperatures here on the East Coast are in the 60’s, the night breezes carry the fragrance of fireplaces burning, and I’m just about intoxicated with autumnal anticipation!

Today it’s time to exercise your elbow grease and clean out the freezer over the weekend! Get rid of all those ice-encrusted science projects, the ice cream from 1992 (not in my freezer – ice cream never lasts more than 19 minutes), the shriveled-up peas and carrots. You know the drill. Start fresh because now is the time to make some fresh freezer jams for the upcoming months – no cooking!!!

Yep, when the temps start dropping, my cooking/baking hormones begin to rage on, and I found a website that has some recipes for jams where you can switch out the evil white sugar with other options just as sweet. Did you know you don’t have to limit yourself to just the standard-issue strawberry jam? Now you can do a tomato-garlic freezer jam, and I even tried a persimmon-lemon-cardamom jam that was so good you wanted to just rub it all over your face!! So after you clear out all the dead stuff and have a fresh start for freezer fall, go to your local farmers market for the last of the summer fruits and veggies, and get jammin’!

Here’s the site: How to Make No-Cook Freezer Jam
Have a fun and fantastic weekend!


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