Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thirsty/Therapeutic Tea Thursday

I’m a tea lover. I have tea in tins, in jars, individually wrapped, loose tea, tea buds that turn into flower blooms when you drop them in a clear glass teapot… yes, I’m a tea fanatic. And now that we’re entering my most FAVORITE time of year –AUTUMN – well, grab my book and blankee, cozy me down deep in my chair and a half, and I am one happy little camper.

Yesterday I was give these wonderful gauze teabags produced by Tazo ® Full Leaf Tea called “CALM”. You can actually see the flowers of marigold and chamomile, the rose petals, lavender, and leaves of spearmint and lemon balm. It’s a beautiful tea. (Okay, maybe I don’t get out as much as I should, but it’s just darn pretty!) As you infuse the “sachet” of tea with hot water and let it steep, the scent is lovely, and it tastes as good as it’s fragrance! I’m sure it would be a great iced tea as well.

Okay, I know, you get it, big WHOOP, it's tea… so what??? Well, today you are invited to think outside the box, the box of teabags, that is. Here’s some other uses for herbal tea:

1) Toss 4-6 teabags (or “sachets”) into hot bath water to create an inexpensive herbal bath.
2) Toss 2-3 teabags into a pot of boiling water on the stove. Let the teabags steep for 2-3 minutes, then create an old-fashioned herbal facial for yourself. Take the pot and put it on a folded towel on your kitchen table. Sit down, carefully lean your face over the steam from the pot (CAREFUL – NOT TOO CLOSE so you don’t burn yourself – leave at least a foot or two between your face and the pot brim), drape another big towel over your head, and steam your face lightly. Do this at your own risk – I claim no responsibility for burns or dropping the pot! Use your wildwoman brain!
3) Take a cup of sweet almond oil and carefully warm it on the stove till it’s just a bit warm – DO NOT BOIL! Put 3-4 teabags in it and let the oil cool. Once cooled, pour the oil back into the bottle. Now you have a herb-infused oil for use in massage, or to smooth over your skin when you get out of your shower, just before you towel dry. Smooth and silky!
4) Make hot cider or wine on the stove, and drop in 4-6 herbed teabags – yum!
5) Take two teabags that have been infused and then cooled and lay one on each eye to relax and refresh as you lie down and put your feet up for 15 minutes.
6) Here’s the oddest one of all, but it works! Buy a new pair of long cotton tube socks. Place two cups of rice in a bowl, and mix with approximately 6-8 opened bags of herb tea. Fill up one of the tube socks ¾ way with the rice/herb mixture – should be full but not hard-packed. Tie a secure knot in the other end of the sock. You can put this in the microwave for 30 seconds (again, BE CAREFUL not to make it too hot), and use it as a muscle warmer on your neck/back to ease tension. The herbs will act as aromatherapy as well.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment and share your “out of the box” ideas!



  1. You know I'm more of a java junkie, but I must admit, I do loves me tea! Who knew you could do so many other cool things with those tiny little tea leaves?

    I remember back in the day at one of your Wednesday night studies, you giving each of us one of those Tazo tea might have even been the 'Calm' tea bags.

    Another great post, Coach! ;)

  2. I feel calm just looking at the lavendar flowers and screen background. :) I really enjoy Earl Grey these days, but my mom always loved chamomile. Thanks for the ideas Linda!