Thursday, September 8, 2011

Transportation Thursday

How much do you stress out during your commute? I remember years ago watching a Disney cartoon about driving, and Goofy was the character that turned into Mr. Road Rage whenever he got behind the wheel. I admit I can get a real good case of the uglies when I’m racing to work in the morning. While I don’t use sign language to get my point across, I have been known to drive past that person going two miles under the speed limit in the middle lane and give them a SERIOUSLY “are you kidding me????” dirty look. I know, it’s not pretty, I’m working on it.

So today, do your best to exercise your inner stress level self-control by making the most of your commute time. Did you know most Americans drive approximately 1,200-2,400 hours a year in their cars? That’s the equivalent of one-two university semesters! Make your car an education on wheels with books on CD, or plug your iPod in and listen to pod casts – you don’t have to be the victim of lousy radio anymore!

Just today I read an interesting article on bNet, the CBS interactive business network website, which also tells us that women suffer psychologically much more than men when it comes to commuting. Gee, is that really a surprise, ladies, since we tend to be the family taxi more often than not???? Anyway, I digress. But here’s a link to the article: "How to Take Control of Your Commute"

So take a deep breath, grab a water and your iPod along with your car keys, and try to turn your car into a little haven of peace and tranquility. Sing at the top of your lungs, seat dance, “ear-read”, catch up on phone calls (ONLY WITH A SPEAKER!!!), and always always keep very aware of those around you. And Trekkies, keep hoping the transporter will soon be invented so we can just say, (say it with me now), "BEAM ME UP, SCOTTIE!"

Take care and be safe, wild woman on wheels!!!


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