Monday, January 9, 2012

Motivation Monday

Its nine days into the New Year. How are your resolutions and goals coming along? If you are on track, congrats and keep on going strong – good for you!! However, if you’re having difficulty, ask yourself the following questions if you have either already given up on a goal, messed up, or become disenchanted with it:

1. What obstacles are in your way? What is keeping you from either beginning or moving forward with this goal?

2. Along the lines of #1, Seth Godin recommends also asking yourself what got in the way of your accomplishment of that goal? What didn’t work?

3. Are you being specific enough with your goal so that you can track it easily on a daily or weekly basis? For example, if you had a goal to become healthier this year, break it down into specifics of how you’re doing to do just that – I plan to exercise. Well, where and how often? Instead, that might look like: I plan to work out three times a week, twice in the gym after work, and once in my living room with a DVD or home weights. Schedule it in your calendar and stick to it as if it were an appointment with someone special (because it is – YOU!!!)

4. Once you discover what didn’t work, ask yourself what you’ve learned from what didn’t work. For example, if I said one of my goals was to learn a new language, and I was going to do that by getting up an hour earlier each day to study the new language, and I discovered I was falling asleep during my study time (what DIDN’T work)… then what have I learned? I either have to go to bed earlier or perhaps set aside another time to study. Perhaps I could get an audio study CD that I could use in my car on my daily commute.

5. Is that a goal you really wanted, or was it just a goal that you thought sounded good, or perhaps was kind of pushed on you by someone else? You got to want it bad, girlfriend, in order to do what it takes to make it happen. You need to be willing to put in the time, energy, funding and heartfelt passionate commitment to successfully achieve any goal, and perhaps you didn’t count the cost before you committed to it. If you realize you just don’t want it, cross it off the list and realize you were successful in discovering it wasn’t really a goal for you… at least not at this point in the party.

Just because you may have “fallen off the wagon” of your 2012 goals is NOT an excuse or reason to quit. Pull up your big girl panties, think about it, tweak it, resolve it, and get back to it – you’re a wild woman, and you can do it!!!!



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