Friday, September 2, 2011

Fun Weekend Ahead Friday!

Ahhh… it’s almost the weekend, and a l-o-n-g week at that. I love Fridays!

With the “last cookout of the summer” ahead of us, it’s tempting to go overboard in the spirit of celebration, getting together with family and friends, and making the most of your time off. So for the weekend, try to exercise your moderation. Eat anything you want this weekend – your favorite summer fare.

HOWEVER… (and that’s a big however), take small portions. Half your plate should have veggies, one forth protein and one quarter carbs. Use a smaller plate. Give yourself permission to go back for seconds – IF you are REALLY still hungry. But wait 15 minutes, and chances are you won’t go back.

Be careful of what you drink as well – so many beverages have loads of sugar and calories, so read a label before you down that bottle of whatever! And if there is an opportunity to exercise – do it! Get in that volleyball game, play with the kids, and enjoy yourself.

Have a fantastic weekend!!


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