Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Somebody you know needs a random act of kindness. Maybe it’s just a phone call or email to say hi. Maybe you can stop over with an inexpensive bunch of flowers from the market. Maybe you need to highjack your gal pal and grab a quick cuppa at your favorite coffee haunt. Or a quick walk around the block. How about a mani-pedi for two? You know what your friend needs to perk her up. I know, it’s been a hard week for you, and life ain’t what you wish it was for you, either. But today, exercise your “get outta myself” muscle and do something for somebody else – pay it forward.

If you are going through a Dunkin’ Donuts or someplace like that, pay for the person behind you. It is hilarious to drive away slowly and watch their reaction in the rear view mirror. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start a chain reaction of NICE!

Take a few minutes today to reach out and make someone else’s life just a little sweeter. Then leave a comment here to share your RAKs so we can all get some great ideas how to increase the caring… one person at a time.



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