Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Extra

This was a great blog entry from John Acuff that I had to share. You can find it and more at the site (click on it to go there).

It's called "The Truth About Stale Cake" and I love it! Enjoy!

My wife does not measure calories. She has not been known to count the number of legumes in each recipe she makes. We have very few conversations about the amount of lycopene we eat. But she does have one rule when it comes to eating healthy:

Life is too short for stale cake.

When it comes to dessert and “fun calories” that’s the only thing she says. What does it mean? It means she wants her dessert to count. If she’s going to eat dessert or a savory dish that is loaded with butter and cream occasionally, she’s going to make sure it’s a dish she loves. She’s not going to waste the calories on cake that is stale or a dish she just kind of likes.

It’s like going on a vacation. Let’s pretend you live in Nashville and Southwest gave you a $300 voucher to fly anywhere they service. You could go to San Diego or Florida or dozens of other locations. And you decide to use the voucher for a trip to Birmingham, AL. That wouldn’t make any sense. You could drive there in less than three hours. If you’re going to spend the voucher, spend it on a long distance. Spend it on somewhere far away. Make it count.

Same with calories. If you’re trying to eat healthy and occasionally have 300 calories to spend, don’t waste them on a dessert you just sort of kind of like. Eat something you love. Eat something that flips you upside down. Eat something that is not stale cake.

If you ever come over to our house for Christmas and you offer me a piece of old fruitcake, I hope you will not be offended if I only take one bite. It’s not you, it’s me. I want my calories to count.

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