Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tasty Thrifty Thursday

Eating healthy is a B-I-G passion for me, but with all kinds of things on fast food dollar menus that beckon you to eat quick and cheap, that can be a real temptation for someone who is short on cash and time.  Not only that, but fresh fruits and veggies have a short shelf life and I hate to admit how many times I have had to toss fresh foods because, thanks to my hectic schedule which often brings me home late, I have not had the time or energy to prepare something and it just died of neglect!  Naturally, one way to save time and money eating healthy is to plan and prep meals ahead of time!  That’s a big D-U-H I know, but if we can spend an hour on a Sunday evening chopping/dividing/prepping/packing snacks and some meals for the week, it will save a LOT of time during the weekends… especially those precious minutes in the morning.

I came across a good article from Organic Gardening recently entitled “The 7 Cheapest Ways to Eat Healthy” which I found quite helpful, so I’m passing it along to you today.  It can be found at:

Additionally, here are a few websites that offer healthy and inexpensive recipes:

If you happen to get Food Network, I recommend these shows as well for yummy meals on a food and/or time budget:

Rachel Ray’s Week in a Day Cooking:

Organizing meals (and life) sure ain’t easy for most wild women, but the satisfaction of the end result, along with the increase in cash flow and good health, makes it a terrific return on your investment.  Give it a try over the weekend, and I think you’ll be very happy.


Coach Linda Bush

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