Monday, October 7, 2013

Motivating Monday

We all want to look our best, feel our best and have a healthy, long life.  With small daily changes we can take steps to achieve those goals.  

Today I’d like to point you to two articles.  The first is from Eat this, Not That!  The folks there have listed out for us ten foods that help us in having a longer life.  Instead of focusing on what we shouldn’t eat, here’s a great, positive list of EAT THIS!  The foods are eggs, green tea, garlic, grapefruit, greek yogurt, avocados, quinoa, bell peppers, almonds and number one on their list:  swiss chard.  Hmmm… I guess a challenge would be to create a meal that would encompass all of those foods!!!  Well, I’m sure you could incorporate all of them into a full day’s menu, anyway.  Here’s the link:

The second article is from Prevention Magazine and it is called “9 ‘Harmless’ Habits That Age You.”  This isn’t the standard issue don’t smoke and stay out of the sun habits (which, of course, are staples for maximizing your longevity).  It has some interesting habits that we might not even consider have significant negative impacts to our bodies.  Here’s the link for this article:

This is your Monday one-two PUNCH!  Exercise your change your habits, changes your foods, change your life muscles by incorporating the recommendations in these two articles into your daily routine.  You just may find yourself walking that goal path with more energy and looking like a real knockout!


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