Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Training Tips Tuesday

I worked out for two weeks and only lost two pounds??????
Some days it's hard to stay focused on the health goals you have set for yourself.  Any number of things, people and situations can become obstacles on your race to your best physical self.  Next thing you know, you're discouraged, ready to give up and running to the frig for wrong answers.

I always seem to do better when I have some kind of tracking method, a little way to stay motivated.  You know, like saying "Okay I lost two pounds - let's go celebrate with a big ice cream sundae!"  NOT!!!!!!!!!  Hey, you're not a dog, so never reward yourself with food!!!  While I'm not an advocate of multiple piercings personally (check out the photo below), there are lots of great rewards along the way (lipstick, pretty new set of undergarments, mani-pedi, new book, CD, DVD, a walk, a long weekend, new gym clothes, a spa visit, etc. ) What works for you?  Hey, how about some sessions with a life coach????? Just a thought...

Seriously, though, when you feel like you'll never reach that weight goal, or are just tired and feeling down about it, here are a couple of cute and inexpensive ways to motivate yourself and pick yourself up.  Hope you enjoy!


P.S.  A really GREAT MOTIVATOR is having a LIFE COACH to walk alongside you in your journey.  CALL ME TODAY at 609-331-9833 and LET ME HELP YOU SUCCEED!

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