Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tenacious Thursday

Bee... the flower  Copyright 2013 by Linda Bush
I took this photograph of a bee on a mum flower last Saturday after a run at the park.  I was tired and almost hadn’t gone for the run, but I was determined to stay the course – literally and figuratively – and complete my planned exercise.  I was fighting a bit of a cold and didn’t run anywhere near my best, but it still felt good to sweat it out and accomplish the goal.
Today I put one of my haiku poems to it:

You see, the bee so
Busy, still finds time to rest
And smell the flowers

It seemed appropriate prose for the photograph. 

Then my friend Jill asked me to send her the photo, and she literally shone a bit of highlight onto the bee with her Photoshop magic wand, and as I admired her handiwork I observed some interesting features that had gone unnoticed previously. 

It looks as though the bee is missing his right leg and antennae.  Upon closer inspection, his wings certainly seem tattered.  I began to imagine what he’d been through… now so beaten and shabby.  As my grandmother would say, “He looks like he’s been through the mill and back!” 

I pictured him buzzing along and suddenly being caught by the wind and blown into a tree.  Or stuck in the middle of a thundering storm, lightening flashing and reflecting off those small, iridescent wings.  Yet, in spite of it all, here he was at his destination, pollinating the flowers as was his prime directive.  He stayed the course and flew with perseverance through all life could toss at him along the way.  Perhaps he was taking a moment to rest his weary little scarred body among the soft, pillow-like petals of the mum.  I’d like to think so anyway.  He had journeyed far and long and deserved it!

So… are you flying through storms today, battered and tossed like a bee in the winds of life?  Are you ready to give up?  Please don’t – look at this picture today, allow it to inspire you to stay your course strong and steady, albeit tired and sweaty!  Take a breath, say a prayer, and keep going.  Your luminosity will shine and your light will radiate inspiration among all those around you.


Coach Linda

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