Monday, October 31, 2011

'Mergency Monday

Really? Seriously? A blizzard on October 30th? Whatever happened to global warming? While I’m all about cool weather, I’m certainly not ready to give up my beloved autumn yet!!! I was training someone at the gym Saturday morning and looked up at one of the skylights, thinking “Boy, they have got to clean these things – you can’t even see out of them for the dirt!” Then it hit me – that ain’t dirt, honey, that’s SNOW!!!! Even in my safe little Subaru, I found myself fish-tailing and skidding on the slushy, icy roads which hadn’t yet been plowed. Always an adventure!

Because it hit so quickly and caused so many trees to lose limbs because of the weight of the snow on the leaf-laden branches, many people here in the Northeast have lost power. I’m blessed to not have been counted in that group, but it certainly made me think about getting caught in this kind of emergency. So today, I think we all need to exercise our preparedness muscles. Below I’ve listed links to three areas with information on preparing for a winter storm for your home and car, and a supply list for your homes.


These are all from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, where you can also download free checklists, as well as “Extreme Cold”, a prevention guide to promote your personal health and safety. Additionally, if you surf around this website you can find emergency preparedness information for specific hazards other than winter weather (chemical emergencies, outbreaks, natural disasters, etc.). I highly recommend you carve out a few minutes this week to read it over. Being prepared could literally save your life.

I wish you all warmer weather this week, beautiful and vibrant fall colors again, and let’s hold off on the snow for awhile, shall we? Can it just snow on all the ski slopes, and then guarantee a White Christmas by snowing lightly on Christmas Eve?????



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