Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild women are creative! We aren’t all poets or artists or sculptors, but think outside that box and rip up those labels –we are ALL original, imaginative, resourceful, innovative, and productive in a thousand different areas of life. Let’s face it girls, wild women kick serious booty! You can’t tell me that a woman who makes meal after meal for her family isn’t innovative in resources and culinary skills! Then there’s the woman who sweats bullets to pay the bills and manage her budget – that’s financial wizardry. And let’s not forget that we all do a full-blown juggling act with our daily schedules – well, that’s just pure poetry in motion!

I just finished reading a very cool blog posting by Jonathan Fields, author of the book Uncertainty – Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel for Brilliance (2011). He writes about exercise being a powerful tool, and fuel, for creativity. He noted another book by Dr. John Ratey called Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain (2008), who says that exercise has a “profound effect on your brain chemistry, physiology, and neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to literally rewire itself.” (Ratey, 2008) The article cites studies that found that people who exercised were less anxious, less depressed, less neurotic, more socially outgoing, and experienced significantly less anger and stress. He goes on to tell how aerobic exercise works in the brain to help transform the persistent uncertainty, fear, and anxiety that accompanies the quest to create something from a source of suffering into something less toxic, then potentially even into fuel.

His article wraps up by noting that exercise “makes us so much more productive and leads to such improved creativity, cognitive function, and mood that the time we need for doing it will open up and then some – making us so much happier and better at the art of creation, to boot.” (Fields, 2011).

Today I challenge you to work out for the next week and keep a small pad or journal and pen with you at all times (and put it on your night stand at night in case you wake up with ideas). Start thinking about problems to solve, issues to resolve, questions for which you need answers – let’s see what comes to mind. Even keep a journal/pen in the bathroom when you shower – because you wouldn’t want a good idea to go down the drain!

Be wild – exercise your brain by exercising!!!



Blog by Fields:

Picture: "Six Women of Color" Illustration by Angela Hayden

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