Friday, October 28, 2011

Fabulous "Feed a Cold" Food Friday

Hi again, me here still battling my cold. It’s one of those silly little “really, I’m fine” colds, the kind that give you a hint of a fever, a cloud in your head (and believe me, when you’re past middle-aged naturally blonde, this is especially troublesome), and relegates you to keeping a Puffs tissue up your sweater sleeve at all times like my Grandma used to do. Yes, it’s come to this, just shoot me now! The words alluring and fetching aren’t exactly my moniker today!

Now when I’m a bit under the weather I’m ALL about healthy comfort foods. I decided to pamper myself – which, by the way, I think you should do for yourself. Don’t wait for someone else; baby yourself sometimes by buying some flowers for youself, etc. You don’t need a hair color commercial to tell you YOU'RE WORTH IT! I digress…

I got into my car, completely soaking in this remarkable autumn day resplendent with gorgeous New Jersey trees turning every shade of simply amazing - dazzlingly sunshine that warmed my skin, and skies so blue it just took your breath away. I drove my little sniffling self over to my very FAVORITE market in the world – WHOLE FOODS! Ah yes, a foodie’s mecca for sure. The doors opened, the scents wrapped around my body and hugged me, the angels sang… okay, it was musak, what can I say? I made a bee-line towards the soups, and ahhhhh (ooo, there goes those angels again), I found a new soup! Being a serious soup aficionado, I practically giggled. Hey, I’m sick; people do weird things between sneezes. It was a vegetarian veggie soup with collard greens and curry. Perfect! Just the thing to clear out my aching head!

Pushing my little WF basket (they are sooo cute), I scurried over to the wall of wonder (i.e., the place where they stash all the bakery goodies). Did they have it? Could it be? YES! YES! Lavender tea cakes!
People began to stare as I did my best Meg Ryan “When Harry Met Sally” deli scene imitation – if you haven’t seen it, I assume you are from another planet, so stop reading now and just go rent it! I got one, two, yes THREE cakes (no, two for friends, I share), and then decided to take it all to another level – I got a steaming cup of chai tea. I know, it makes you want to weep, doesn’t it?

So here I sit, sharing this warm and fuzzy lunch with you, already feeling a bit less foggy and achy. I encourage you to exercise your taste buds today and find some fabulously healthy and tasty food – feed your body and your soul! Bon appetite (she exclaims in her best Julie Child voice)!


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