Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild women need their gal pals!!!  There’s just nothing like getting together with the FABULOUS female friends in your life to laugh, cry, commiserate, celebrate, hope, reminisce, dream and restore your sense of well-being and camaraderie.  I have been incredibly blessed to have the most amazing wild women in my life, from my Mom and my daughter to all my friends in between who have been there for me in good, in bad, to rejoice, to talk me off the ledge, and just to lend support and a hug. 

The problem is that it seems to get harder and harder to get together face-to-face.  Between crazy schedules, commitments and the daily chores of living, I struggle to grab time with friends who live only a few miles away!  We get so wrapped up in the minutia of busyness that before we know it, months and seasons have passed and the “oh, I need to call so-and-so” is back burnered for an unnamed date that never seems to get put on the calendar.  Wild women can easily feel isolated and overwhelmed with all we juggle, and we need the loving support of our friends.

So… today I want you to exercise your “I love my gal pals” muscle.  For the next week, seven days, I want you to make it a priority to contact your friends, one a day.  If you read yesterday’s post you know how important it is to not put things off.  So write down one gal pal’s name on each day of your planner for the next seven days and get in touch with her.  Maybe it’s been years, maybe it’s just been a few days or weeks… doesn’t matter – reach out!!!

Send a text, check her out on Facebook and post to her wall or send a message, email her, write a letter or send a card (yes, the post office still is running, Hallmark is still in business and you do still know how to write on paper), IM her, Skype.  Call and make a date!!!  

One set of my friends and I make it a point to schedule dinner 2-3 times a year, meeting at one person’s house each time.  Everyone brings something to eat/drink, and we have a blast just hanging out and talking and laughing till our sides hurt and our make-up is ruined by the tears of laughter running down our cheeks!    One of my best friends in the entire planet lives in England, but we manage to email regularly during the week.  Several of my dear friends have abandoned me moved to North Carolina, and we email – I’m also hoping to plan a trip this summer to see them.  I just downloaded an app called “WhatsUpp" to see if I can touch base with friends even faster.  Anyone else using it?

Something else I’ve been thinking of doing is having a party this summer for all my local girl friends so they can cross-pollinate!  I love introducing my friends!! 

Wild women are creative – so think in/out/around the box to make sure you stay connected, not only for yourself but for your friends.  They need YOU!  It’s too easy to drift away after a move or a job change, or a life change.  I know you’re thinking of several women right this minute – and they’ve been put on your heart and in your mind on purpose (I don’t believe in coincidence or "cowinky-dinks" as I call them).  You need her, she needs you – make it happen.  Carve out time in your schedule for your beloved friends… never ever ever take it for granted that they will always be there.  Just do it… don’t let them become buried treasure.

Gotta run – having lunch with a friend – yippee!!!!!!


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