Monday, March 18, 2013

Movements Monday

It’s the beginning of the week, and time to get moving!  So, here’s an exercise for your muscles, and one for your mouth.  Your mouth?  Stay tuned and read below after the exercise.

This is a very simple exercise for your arms/back/shoulders.  It’s not hard, nor is it time-consuming.  In fact, what I recommend is that you do it every time you go to the bathroom.  The bathroom?  Yep!  Every time throughout the day when you visit the ladies’ room, stand in front of the sink.  

Firmly grip your hands on the front of the sink and do 25 standing push-ups.  (It looks a bit different from the wall push-up above, but you get the idea.)  Naturally, you want to be sure you have a stable connection between the sink and your hands, because you don’t want to slip and wind up face down in your sink with a missing tooth!  Make sure your hands the sink surface are dry.  Then position yourself in a standing plank (body straight as an arrow, no hunching over of the shoulders or curving of the lower back – stand up straight and lean forward with your chest when doing the push up).  By doing this about four times during the course of your day, you can accomplish 100 push-ups!  It’s quick, easy and will work those arms as you get ready for the almost-here short-sleeve/sleeveless spring and summer seasons. 

Now… what’s the whole mouth movement thing I mentioned earlier?  This week let’s monitor our mouths.  Too often we aren’t mindful of what we say, and words slip through our lips carelessly.  We gossip, we say things in anger, or in sarcasm… and these words are harder to forget and lose than 10 pounds of chocolate!  I’m sure you all can think of some unkind/hurtful comment that was spoken to you years ago in your childhood – and STILL it lingers in your heart!  So remember to use the acronym in the image below.

Have a terrific day!


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