Friday, March 1, 2013

Find Yourself Friday

Oops - there I am!  No, I don't mean look in the mirror.  And clearly, answering all your life's questions today won't necessarily happen as you find yourself in one little 24-hour period.  However...

Today, I'd like you to take an hour for yourself.  Find a place that's quiet (and I know, for some of you out there, that may mean locking yourself in the bathroom), grab some paper and pen, a cuppa whatever or glass of whatever.  Be comfy.  Put on some soothing instrumental music if you wish  (nothing with words to distract your thoughts).

Now... take a few minutes to relax and wind down.  Breath in deeply through your nose, slowly to the count of five.  Hold that breath for the count of five.  Now slowly release that breath for the count of five, blowing the air from your mouth as if you were blowing out birthday candles.  

Once you're feeling a little more relaxed, just begin thinking about your life.  Start with childhood, into the teen years, young adult, adult, etc.  Just think of you, and think about what you dreamed about in those years, what you loved to do, the things you thought you'd be when you grow up. See the beauty and positive scenes of your life, hear the laughter and the sounds of the places you loved best, feel the happy emotions of the good times.  Embrace yourself with a hug as you think about these things.  I want you to focus on the positive parts of your life, the things/places/people/experiences that were empowering, educational, fun, inspirational -- everything that jazzed you and made you stay awake at night because you were happy, anticipating the excitement or basking in the joy of that day.  No blaming, no what ifs, no I coulda/shoulda moments.

Begin to write down all these empowering and positive memories.  You can write any way you want - chronologically, stream of consciousness... however it flows easiest for you.  Enjoy each moment as you relive some of the most pleasurable and wonderful times you've been blessed with in the journey so far.

After you've exhausted your memories, begin to reread it.  Take a step back and away from yourself/the moment and look at it as if you were reading information about someone else, and see it from the perspective of wanting to learn about that person, what makes them tick, and what their passions/dreams/goals may be. By looking at it as an "outsider", you may be able to discover clues about what really makes you happy, where you find your true joy and perhaps uncover some things about yourself that have been hidden for awhile.  Write those things down as well.

Now... take your journaling entries and gently, preciously put them away for a few days.  Make a date with yourself for another one-hour find yourself time.  Reread your notes with fresh eyes.  Perhaps share them with your beloved or a trusted friend.  This is your springboard, your starting point to discovering the rest of your life.  

We'll talk more about your findings/breakthrough/discoveries next week as we take the next step to YOU!  Stay tuned!

Blessings for a joyous weekend of bliss,
Coach Linda

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