Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tell Me, Tickle Me Thursday

Even though yesterday was the first day of spring, I’m still battling the occasional winter blues.  I HATE walking from my car to my office where it’s gray and cold and the air just seeps through to chill the very marrow in your bones!  The older I get, and as much as I love the changing of the seasons, the better the Carolinas and southward are looking to me!  Any other Jersey tomato wild women feel the same way?

Today I’d like to hear from YOU!  Send me your comments on how YOU beat the winter blahs/blues!  Share your best ideas here!  Tell me… tell me… 

And as a little tickle in the dreariness, here’s a really funny video a friend sent me yesterday.  You will especially enjoy it if you are still a lover of paper and not technology!  Check it out at:

So write back on how you beat the winter blues after your giggle fest from the video. I’m off to get a pot of pansies that are finally being sold at the local market – I need the bright happy faces promising me that warm weather will soon be here!


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