Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wild Woman Wednesday

This past weekend I spent most of my waking hours being educated on and practicing the art of training with kettlebells, and earned my certification to teach this method of strength and conditioning.  A kettlebell is basically a cannon ball with a handle!  It originated in Russia, and is one of the most unique workout tools available – efficient, effective and a whole gym packed into a variety of sizes (ranging from about 14 lbs up to 32 kilos!).  Studies show that the average workout with kettlebells burns about 20 calories per minute – about 400 calories during a typical 20-minute workout. (Source:  Webmd - click HERE to read article.)
You may have seen kettlebells being used as the latest fad flavor of the month toy, or seen infomercials pitching their use.  Let me tell you, in order to effectively use a kettlebell, you need to understand a great deal about how to use it or you can hurt yourself (like any piece of exercise equipment).  We’re talking about swinging around about 28+ pounds of lead here, ladies!  I HIGHLY recommend that you get someone to educate you on how to use them before adding them to your repertoire.  I don’t say that as a “oooo, hire me” trainer marketing ploy – I say it because there are lots of gyms out there and trainers who are just tossing these bells around and saying, “Oh, just pick it up and swing it!”  NOT!!!!  A few years ago I did a strength certification workshop where I was given just that – I swung the bells around, and was told I was certified to use them.  That paper not is about worth the use of it to line the birdcage. 
The training I received was intense, hard-core training -- and quite remarkable.  I had the privilege of working with elite trainers from including Senior RKC instructor Mark Toomey, Exercise Intervention and my respected colleagues at Robert Wood Johnson Hamilton Center for Health & Wellness.  I began personally training for this certification process back in November in order to become stronger and ready for the challenge.  I had watched my fellow female trainers go from having good bodies to stellar, strong and tight bodies – they were inspirational.  And I wanted the same thing.  I have seen my own body begin to morph and will continue to use kettlebells to train personally, and with my clients. 
I see the bells as a real wild woman workout.  Read up on them through the links provided here, and exercise your consideration of going to a qualified trainer (through Dragon Door – they are THE BEST) to begin working with a crazy cannon ball with a handle that can transform your workout, and your body!
Click HERE to see my profile - I was trainer of the month in January at the gym!

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