Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wild Woman Wednesday

You see this picture?  Well, that was pretty much my morning, except my shoes do match.  I’m sure most of you can laugh and identify yourself as well. 
Today I’d like you to exercise your backup planning muscles.  One of the few things that helped get out the door a little less late in my daybreak daze was the fact that I pick out my clothes the night before and hang them up so I can almost jump into them in the morning.  From the inside out, including jewelry and shoes, it’s right there when I wake up.  No scrambling around, searching for the missing shoe, the lost earring, the un-hole-y stocking.  This has saved my comatose booty on more than a few occasions, let me tell you!
Another thing I try to do is to put everything I’m going to take with me near either my bedroom door or the back door.  No matter how hard I try, I seem to be the perpetual bag lady, lugging multiple bundles of stuff out the door into the car in my bleary-eyed stupor.  Have I mentioned I am NOT a morning person, by the way?  Oh, it’s on my bucket list, but ain’t happening yet, and I don’t foresee it as a short-term goal… nope, nope, nope this is a long-haul habit to achieve.  But I digress… 
I have my backpack with my schoolwork, my lunch bag, my gym bag and my work bag all lined up, and I pray I don’t fall over them as I leave.  Sometimes I add my laptop just for the multi-tasking purpose of weight training since I'm not carrying enough, you know?  Then I can always say I worked out in the morning!  Mind you, this is a work in progress so I don’t achieve these amazing feats on a daily basis – each day is a new adventure in planning.  Oh, and this doesn't take into account the various trips back upstairs to obtain the forgotten glasses, teacup, cell phone... Let's also not forget to mention the added gymnastics fun when I dash out the door and one of the bags catches onto the door handle -- yes, just call me the human rubber band as I bungee myself off the porch into the flower bed.  Would that be considered taking time to smell the flowers????  My neighbors think of me as their morning comic relief program as they watch me while sipping their coffee!
So that’s your assignment, wild women – tonight get it all ready for tomorrow.  You can do it!  Now… if I could only stop driving off with my teacup still on the roof of my car…
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