Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wild Woman Wednesday

Okay ladies – its mid-week slump time. You probably have spent the last few days juggling umpteen million things and facing down the rest of the week feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. (Don’t you love that – “ump-teen million” – that was one of my grandmother’s crazy phrases, and since it’s Wild Woman Wednesday, I will honor her by using it!) Well guess what? IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE!!!! Hoo-wha!!! That’s right, celebrate! You may be having a great day, you may be having a lousy day, but it’s time to exercise your right to be a wild woman. Go do something just for you. I want you to take a moment to treat yourself.

We’re not talking about anything that’s going to break the bank and bust your budget. Maybe it’s something as seemingly inconsequential and small as buying yourself a fancy-schmancy beverage (there’s Grandmom’s influence again) --- but remember, use skim milk so you don’t drink a day’s calories in your wildwomanness! Maybe for us girly-girls it’s a new lipstick or nail polish – or go seriously wild witchur bad self and go for the leopard print push up with matching thong – NOW we’re talking!!! (Let's face it, our Wild Woman in the photo may just be wearing faux zebra underneath all those layers of petticoats!!!) Maybe a book or CD. Maybe it’s just taking the slower, more beautiful way home without listening to the radio – enjoying the silence. Okay, I know, the guy blasting his horn in the bumper-to-bumper traffic isn’t exactly calming your nerves, but give it a try. No, no being a wild woman doesn’t give you the right to yell TOWANDA! and back into him!!! We're talking wild, here, not insane.

Do something to celebrate fabulous, wonderful, wacky, terrific, amazing, WILD WOMAN YOU!!! Yes, that one-and-only person staring you back in the mirror – ain’t nobody in the whole wide world made just like YOU – and THAT is a VERY GOOD THING


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  1. Great post! But hey, wait a minute....that woman who might possibly be wearing some Victoria's Secret undergarments looks
    A-W-F-U-L-L-Y familiar. Hmmm......

    I treated myself to an ooey-gooey, homestyle chocolate chip cookie with a glass of skim milk, a long walk and a relaxing time in my back yard, reading a book. That was as wild as I got today. :)