Monday, August 29, 2011

Manic Monday!

Well, for those of you here on the East Coast, many are either home still cleaning up branches and flooded basements, dealing with no power, or trying to find a non-blocked, non-flooded road on which to safely commute to work. I’m blessed to have only gotten some puddles in the basement and some tree limbs down here and there. Yes, exercising my knees today by being down on them thanking God for Hurricane Irene not hitting with the full-throttle force original anticipated by the media. Our prayers go out to all who are having difficulties or long-term hardships from the aftermath.

To that end, today I am listing the website for the American Red Cross. You can find disaster kits, information on where to get help, and overall information. I must admit I’m not one to be super-prepared for emergencies, but between last week’s earthquake and hurricane double-headed, I’m making sure to put together a kit for both home and car. So this Monday, if you’re not already doing so, take time to exercise your safety by putting together everything you need in case of another emergency. And make sure to reach out to others who are not as fortunate as you!!!



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  1. I love how you blended this together...exercising your safety.

    Scathingly brilliant!!!!!