Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Twisted Tuesday

No, I’m not referring to my twisted little mind (although some of my friends might debate that statement)! In light of all the East Coast hurricane and tornado winds that recently blew life around like a dry leaf in the autumn breeze, today I want you to exercise your thoughts.

Twist your thoughts – instead of thinking, “I can’t do this!” twist it around and think, “How could I accomplish this?” When you find yourself thinking, “That person is a jerk!” bend that baby around and imagine, “What would s/he be like if I approached him/her this way instead?” When seeing some big dream or project looming in the distance, instead of allowing yourself to get overwhelmed and voicing that by saying, “There’s no way I can accomplish that!” – TWIST! Ask yourself, “If there were a way, what would it look like? What would be the first step I could take to begin tackling it?”

Remember – if you tell that amazing brain of yours “I can’t!” it will say, “Oh, okay.” But… if you ask the question “How can I?” instead, your brain will say, “OH, now that’s something I can really work on!!” and you will be amazed at the ideas that will surface.

So go make like Chubby Checker – and TWIST!!!!

(Oh, and P.S. dancing burns about 300 calories an hour, so feel free to blast that music and twist and shout to get your brain in gear and whittle that waistline at the same time!)

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