Monday, May 19, 2014

Makeover in Minutes Monday

It is a picture perfect Monday following a picture perfect weekend here in New Jersey.  I just took a very brief walk and held up face up to the sun to let it warm me, listened to the birds sing and let myself breath in the moment... ahhh... a micro vacation.  Beautiful!

In between the tornado of activities that is my life lately, I am battling to become more mindful, more intentional and more successful in completing tasks towards my goals.  It really is a fight sometimes, isn't it? 

Even as a personal trainer and health/wellness coach, I struggle to fit in exercise when so many of my activities cram in to fill the gaps.  I know how hard it is and I empathize with you, my wild woman sisters.  When?  When can I fit in an hour of exercise????!??  

Well, sometimes you have to plant seeds of exercise throughout your day.  After a bathroom break I will do 25 pushups against the sink.  Keep weights by your desk, or a kettlebell, and do some lifts on a break, or swings.  Get up and walk around the building/house.  Run in place for five minutes.  Naturally you want to schedule in serious workouts on your calendar and keep those appointments with yourself sacred and untouchable.  But let's face it - there will be times when kids demand your schedule, work requires overtime, or you simply cannot get up early on a given morning.  It happens.  So while I'm not saying design loopholes for excuses not to exercise, I am saying plant those little seeds of of success so you can still exercise in spite of obstacles that come your way.  

Today I found on Pinterest I found a very good quick AB series that you can do in 10 minutes.  You can do ANYTHING for 10 minutes (okay... maybe not hold your breath or stand on hot coals...but seriously) and here's a sweet little series of moves to get that core tight.  

As always, check with your doctor first before starting ANY exercise program and do at your own risk.  The only one I don't personally recommend on this routine is the 20 leg raises, as that can put undue stress on your lower back and the way they show it there is no support for your neck - refrain from this exercise!  I would also put my hands behind me to stabilize myself on the flutter kicks.  Additionally, on the crunches, keep your elbows behind your line of peripheral vision and look straight up at the ceilNever do any exercise that causes you pain.  If you can't do all of these in one set, then do one here, one there during the course of your day.  Use common sense, do what you can, slowly, when you can - no competition.  

Start your week off right - be mindful, be intentional... plant those seeds and before long your body will blossom with health!  And speaking of daily things to do for your health, I am LOVIN' my shakes by Shakeology and HIGHLY recommend them for the best "meal" of your day.  For more info go to:  Lose weight, feel great, and delish to boot!   


Coach Linda Bush

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