Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild Women Take Risks!

That's both a statement, and a directive!  Are there dreams in your life that you've not achieved because you are afraid?  Do you tend to think, "Well, if I do this, then THAT could happen, and then it might turn out to go THERE....", etc., etc., etc., until you have created a picture that completely defeats any chance of you every going there?  Yeah... me, too.  I come from a long line of women who, as I call it, "project" -- worrying about what could happen 5, 10, 20 years from now if you make this decision today.  And unfortunately, while it's important to positively project long range goals (and count the cost), we are talking about negative projection here -- all the many reasons why something won't come to fruition, or all the bad things that might transpire.  It's deflating, to say the least, and can completely derail you in minutes.

Instead... think of all the positives as to why you should move forward - what great things could happen?  What will your life look like 5, 10, 20 years from now when you have achieved that goal?  

This month I am highlighting Margie Warrell's book "Stop Playing Safe" as our book of the month.  I'm in the process of reading it, and it's a real butt-kicker in the best sense of the term!  (Hmmm... isn't it amazing how certain things can have both a positive and negative side?)  I am reading/listening to it via, a wonderful way to "read" when you can't actually sit there with a book.  I can conquer the victim mentality of being stuck in traffic because I'm doing something productive with my time - reading!  (A total side note here - did you know that the average person commutes between 1,200-2,400 hours a year?  Which equates to approximately 1-2 university semesters?  Which means you could turn your car into your own personal education center on wheels!)  But I digress...

Ms. Warrell writes a column for Forbes Magazine, and here is the article about being too tentative and taking risks that got me to thinking about today's blog topic.  It's a must read (and I recommend subscribing to her column, and read her blog and get her email by going to her website at!!!

So today, wild women, exercise by pulling up your boot straps, gathering up your courage and get moving in the direction of your dreams!  And remember I'm here to help coach you along - never more than a phone call or Skype/FaceTime away!  Get out there and do it, Wild Women - IMAGINE how AMAZING your life COULD BE 5, 10, 20 years from now - ROCK IT AND GO GET YOUR DREAMS TODAY!


Coach Linda Bush

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